Jun 06, 2022
By Brandon Davis

5 Things to Look For in Construction Project Management Software

Project managers have one of the most important roles in any construction operation. They’re responsible for communicating with stakeholders, tracking budgets, setting timelines, and ultimately making sure that the project gets completed with as few surprises as possible.

Getting a construction project across the finish line is no simple task. It requires a high level of coordination, attention to detail, and ability to make decisions in an ever-changing environment. The right digital tools can help do all of these things effectively. Top-performing construction project management professionals use technology solutions to save costs, streamline communications, and gain visibility that allows them to better control all the variables of their projects.

But with so many construction project management solutions on the market, it can be a real challenge to choose the right one. That’s why it helps to know what you’re looking for.

5 Key Capabilities for Construction Project Management Software

Here are the five things construction project managers should look for in a project management solution:

Construction projects often experience shifting deadlines and changing scope, meaning that a high level of communication and visibility is necessary at all times. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that data is consistent between team members, departments, functions, and business units. By using a cloud-based system that captures all relevant project data, it’s easier for stakeholders to share updates and for project managers to see exactly what’s happening every step of the way. Having access to this kind of real-time business intelligence can help drive on-time completion and project savings.

Who wants to manually configure and toggle through spreadsheets all day? Construction project managers shouldn’t have to be Excel experts to track key metrics about their projects. They should look for solutions that not only store and organize all their data but also provide simple visual representations of those numbers. In a few clicks or taps, managers should be able to quickly generate reports with pie charts, Gantt charts, bar graphs, or any other configuration to see all their data at a glance.

Managing vendors is possibly one of the most underappreciated parts of construction project management. Between sourcing and bidding, submitting and tracking RFIs and RFPs, and keeping up with invoices, vendor management takes a lot of work and can be a major headache without the right tools to get it done. Construction project managers should seek out solutions that can track the status and documentation of all vendor-related activities. They should also look for solutions that feature a self-service vendor portal so vendors can provide status updates and self-upload invoices and other key documents.

Construction project managers are often tasked with tracking, forecasting, and reporting on project finances. They are relied on to ensure that the project gets completed not only on time but also within budget. To achieve this, they need access to solutions designed specifically with their needs in mind. That’s why it’s best to use software that features full capital planning capabilities, including budget planning, cost reporting, cash flow analysis, and cost baseline comparisons. Having these abilities at their fingertips enables managers to get the full view of a project’s finances from start to finish, increasing their value as a strategic business decision maker.

In many cases, construction project managers need to do more than just oversee project details—they need be actively involved in keeping things moving. That means they need access to solutions that help them communicate with other teams to execute tasks quickly and efficiently. For example, Nuvolo Connected Workplace helps project managers bridge the gap between administration and execution with capabilities that include work order management, preventive maintenance, asset management, space management, and field dispatch—all on the same platform. And since it’s accessible via mobile or desktop, Connected Workplace allows managers to see what needs to be done and make it happen, regardless of whether they’re in the office or on-site.

Confidently Manage Every Project from Kickoff to Close

A construction project manager’s job depends on being reliable, consistent, and perpetually in the know. At their best, they can unite teams, optimize budgets, and ensure stakeholder requirements are met during every phase of a project. They can provide immense value by saving costs and staying in lockstep with business goals.

But excelling in their role takes more than just superior planning and organizational skills—it takes the full power of a digital, cloud-based solution. Nuvolo Connected Workplace helps construction project managers take their performance to the next level with all the capabilities listed above and much more.

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