Apr 13, 2022
By Brandon Davis

Uncomplicate Your Life Sciences Construction Projects from Start to Finish

The life sciences industry has exploded to meet the growing needs of companies both in the U.S. and around the world.

Between ample investments from venture capital firms, new research demands, and the fact that much of the work done by life sciences companies cannot be done remotely, the COVID-19 pandemic did not slow down this flourishing industry.

Instead, there has been a huge opportunity to expand workforces and the spaces required to research, develop, and market life-saving therapies, including office spaces, laboratories, research centers, manufacturing plants, and other facilities.

This trend is likely here to stay. JLL predicts that domestic pharmaceutical manufacturing will increase by 16% through 2025, which has subsequently increased the demand for precious lab space across the country. Because lab availability is scarce—there is a less than 5% vacancy rate across the country, according to a report from CBRE—companies are opting to build new facilities or convert existing buildings to meet their needs. Either way, intense planning and management is required to get these projects completed.

Opening up a new facility necessitates collaboration across many teams in order to be on time and on-budget. Planning, Design, and Construction works with groups like Space, Maintenance, Facilities, Real Estate, IT, and HR to orchestrate the many moving pieces, including securing the new site, selecting the right vendors, planning the project teams, optimizing the space, commissioning assets, planning maintenance, setting up IT equipment and infrastructure, and determining HR staffing plans and personnel details.

Why not consolidate all this information and be able to easily work together?

The right technology can help get you from the planning phase all the way through to when your facility is operational—all from one solution: Nuvolo Connected Workplace.

With Connected Workplace, you can:

  • Plan the Project: Run your projects in Connected Workplace for real-time reporting that helps you stay on top of every project detail so you can be sure jobs are getting done on time and within budget. Use the vendor portal for bidding and auction support; leverage the project dashboard to see financial and schedule baselines; and run reports or GANTT charts for total visibility across every project.
  • Plan the Space: Import your CAD floorplans to easily design flex spaces, set capacity, plan move scenarios, address assets, and more.
  • Manage the Assets: Once assets are onboarded and available, track and report on both GxP and non-GxP assets from one platform with scheduled maintenance, automated workflows, digital facility condition assessment checklists, built-in compliance controls, and an easy-to-use portal that anyone can use to report issues.
  • Manage the Space: As employees use the space, empower them to reserve specific rooms and equipment and understand utilization rates to help you plan for the future.

One Connected Solution

Nuvolo Connected Workplace supports your team’s large-scale projects with a digital platform that enables you to track all your facilities, building, and asset data—and it goes far beyond that by offering solutions for dispatching, sustainability, capital projects, space, and much more.

Connected Workplace can help you meet the new challenges and opportunities that arise from each of the emerging trends in this rapidly changing industry.

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