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The Future of Asset Management, Work Order, and Smart Maintenance is NOW

Originally recorded as part of Manufacturing Asset & Facility Management in Pharma 2021.

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Space Utilization

Understand who is coming into the office, when, and for how long though integration with your badge swipe data.

How Chevron Transformed Their Global Facilities Maintenance

Making your vendors trusted partners while creating simple and efficient processes Join Chevron Environmental Management and Real Estate ...

How a Global Life Sciences Device Manufacturer is Modernizing Workplace Management

How your labs are managed is critical across your R&D, manufacturing and real-estate locations. Learn how a global life sciences device ...

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The Connected Workplace for Healthcare

Nuvolo helps your hospital deliver better patient care by ensuring all hospital facilities and medical devices are safe, compliant, and oper ...

Best Practice in Implementing a Strong Medical Device Security Program

From the moment you provision a medical device you need to protect it. Implementing the appropriate level of device security requires follow ...

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When it comes to your business's mission-critical equipment, accuracy, reliability, and quality must be on target. In industries like life s ...

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Mobile Self Service Portal

This 2-minute video walks you through our mobile self-service portal. As an end-user, see how you browse IT, HR & Facilities services.  Wat ...

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Space Editor

This 4-minute video gives you a peek at our Space Management solution's most popular administrative tool. Learn how interactive floor plans ...

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Trusted HTM leaders share lessons learned in 2020 and discuss the future of the industry

Join us as we host some of the industry’s most trusted Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) leaders as they come together to share lesso ...