Supporting the Client Workplace Experience by Creating a Unique, Agile Integrated Facilities Management Solution

Join team members from ESFM, Deloitte, and Nuvolo as they discuss building and implementing a unique integrated facilities management solution.

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In this fireside chat with Deloitte, Nuvolo, and ESFM, you’ll hear how ESFM pioneered an operations-first approach to developing a proprietary technology platform that’s agile enough to meet the current needs (and scale up for future) for each unique integrated facilities management (IFM) client. ESFMx simplifies life for the client, occupant, and facilities manager by:

  • Consolidating technology tools, integrating functionalities, and aligning reporting for ESFM’s self-performed portfolio of IFM solutions
  • Centralizing space, audit, service, occupant sentiment, and asset data with one tool
  • Enabling data-driven efficiencies and benchmarking across the business

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