The Top 5 Reasons Indian Health Services Chose Nuvolo

Indian Health Services (IHS) has a mission to “raise the physical, mental, social, and spiritual health of American Indians and Alaska Natives to the highest level.” They provide comprehensive health services to 2.6 million American Indians and Alaska Natives from 574 federally recognized tribes in 37 states.

They support and maintain 100,000-plus medical devices and 42,000-plus facilities assets across nine regional areas.

IHS used a legacy CMMS solution comprised of different instances across regions, disparate databases, and a complicated user interface. They wanted a new, modern CMMS solution.

After evaluating several platforms, they selected Nuvolo.

Why?  They had many valuable reasons; here are the top 5:

1.  Designed for Healthcare

IHS was looking for a modern connected solution designed specifically for healthcare and clinical engineering. Previously, they were trying to redesign their CMMS to work in a hospital setting.

According to Andy Hazen, CMMS Coordinator, “We were trying to avoid buying anything that was built for IT that we would try to shoehorn our requirements into or any other type of Enterprise Asset Management system that wasn’t designed with healthcare in mind.”

Nuvolo’s powerful CMMS was built in collaboration with veteran healthcare management specialists and specifically designed to support Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) teams.

2.  Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) Community

Nuvolo works with a wide variety of hospital systems. Leveraging this, we’ve created user groups for the healthcare community to share best practices, lessons learned, and tips with their industry colleagues.

Along with all our customers, IHS finds these groups to be a valuable resource when designing new workflows. They also like the idea that we continually improve our platform with the help of our hospital partnerships.

3.  Easy Collaboration Across Departments

Nuvolo is the one single system that brings teams together to collaborate. Let’s take, for instance, an imaging machine like an MRI. Each department has an important role;

  • Facilities support the negative air pressure machine, the heating and cooling settings, and the physical area.
  • Clinical Engineering makes sure the MRI is maintained, calibrated, and safe for use.
  • IT manages connectivity, so MRI images can be transferred to a secure storage device for doctors to review the scans.

IHS understands the value of having each department working on the same platform; transparency gets work done faster and better.

4.  Simple User Interface and Intuitive Mobile Application

Our simple user interface starts with intuitive self-service forms for employees reporting an issue and continues that intuitive design for work order management.

According to Tony Stayner, HTM Director for the Great Plains Regional Area, “Nuvolo provides out of the box technician dashboards that are just amazing compared to what our old product was.” Technicians see what’s assigned to them and keep track of their work in real-time.

The mobile app gives Tony’s team the ability to update work orders in the field instead of returning to their desks to do updates. Mobile access is an immense value add; now, work is more likely to be updated on time and accurately.

5.  Exceptional Reporting

Reporting is only as good as the data you have. IHS standardizing across regions and departments provides accurate, comprehensive data.

Nuvolo gives them over 300 healthcare-specific reports for clinical engineering and facilities. We created these reports with the help of our healthcare user community.

According to Tony, “Built-in reporting and built-in functionality – because this is designed for a healthcare environment – has greatly enhanced our ability to be prepared for accreditation surveys and reporting.”

Learn more about why IHS selected Nuvolo, watch our on-demand webinar – How Indian Health Service is Focusing on the Future.