An Easy-to-Use Maintenance Management Solution for Small to Mid-Sized Hospitals

The Challenge

The HTM team at a mid-sized healthcare delivery organization needed to ensure that their medical equipment was safe, reliable, and compliant with regulations.

The challenge, however, was that the team’s computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) had limited functionality, so they also tracked device maintenance records across multiple spreadsheets. The HTM team maintains thousands of pieces of equipment, and not having a single maintenance record for their devices made their medical equipment management plan even more difficult.

On one accreditation survey, the surveyor found evidence that the HTM team completely missed the scheduled maintenance on five infusion pumps, a defibrillator, and a vendor-supported MRI machine. The hospital was cited, and the HTM department was put under additional scrutiny by leadership. In addition, the team couldn’t easily report out to leadership on the status and history of work orders, repairs, and recalls.

Making things even more complicated, the device manufacturers’ field technicians would often perform maintenance, and there was no record of the work that these outside contractors and technicians were performing.

Identifying the Needs

What the team knew they needed was a modern-day CMMS–a cloud-based system that is accessible from any device, such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Moreover, it had to be economical for small and medium-sized hospitals, user-friendly, and easy to implement and learn to use.

The solution needed to maintain all data in one platform so they could get rid of their antiquated spreadsheet process and automate many of their manual data entry and workflow processes. They also needed it to provide access to real-time dashboards and reports on equipment performance, PM compliance, labor cost, vendor repairs, and parts replacements. This visibility would empower the HTM team to make the best use of existing resources, ensure regulatory compliance, and minimize equipment downtime.

The Solution

Nuvolo Connected Workplace emerged as the most efficient platform for connecting all equipment data, work orders, and automated workflows onto one mobile-friendly solution.

Plus, this mid-sized healthcare organization was able to leverage the Nuvolo Connected Workplace for SMB (small- and medium-sized business) solution. They partnered with Nuvolo, and within a five-week time span, they were up and running on their new maintenance management platform.

This accelerated timeframe was possible because Connected Workplace for SMB is a single cloud-based solution that is ready to use with little configuration. Plus, with Connected Workplace, everyone works from the same platform, and the entire team was able to migrate their multiple maintenance records into the system with minimal disruption to their day-to-day operations, and with minimal involvement from the IT team.

In addition, when new features are released, software upgrades are automatically available and deployed in the cloud to their system.

The Results—Fast Implementation and Efficient Maintenance Management  

The HTM team is now managing their inventory, work orders, PM scheduling, and performance reports without needing to supplement their CMMS with multiple spreadsheets. Since the data is stored offsite, the cost of hardware is eliminated, along with the need for in-house IT support. Plus, this new way of managing the medical equipment management plan is more efficient and less prone to human error, saving hours of work time and helping the team do more with less. It also allows performance to be monitored, making it much easier to track and report on this data.

Connected Workplace for SMB offers the healthcare organization all the tools they need to manage their maintenance program at an economical price point and without complex implementation, training, or upkeep. All of this helps the organization deliver high quality of care to their patients.