Facilities EAM 

Product Overview

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Innovative, Integrated Energy Management


There are over 5 million non-residential buildings in the United States, but only 14,000 energy managers, or one for every 360 buildings. This lack of attention to energy management is estimated to result in upwards of $60 billion in wasted energy costs annually in the US.

Conventional Approach

To date, energy cost management has been largely an after thought. When companies do attempt to optimize energy consumption and costs, only antiquated tools like spreadsheets are employed, and efforts are often disjointed, with individual facilities tracking energy costs independent of one another.

The Modern Alternative: Nuvolo

Nuvolo offers an integrated enterprise energy management solution that provides a single system of record for all energy-related data, enabling consolidated analysis and reporting, and therefore, data-based decision making. The SaaS-based solution provides role-based access for any employees from any connected device, and a window into energy expenses broken down by just about any user-definable category: geographically, by facility, type of utility, and others, yielding not only energy consumption optimization, but easier LEEDS certification.

Taking Energy Management and Sustainability to the Next Level

Nuvolo’s modern energy management solution integrates seamlessly with all ServiceNow applications, including Enterprise Asset Management solutions, and, through a single pane of glass, enables companies to:

- Optimize energy consumption

- Track generated waste

- Manage water usage

- Gain visibility using out-of-the-box or user-generated    reports

- Track utilities expenses and automate payments