Jul 10, 2023
By Lisa Laczynski
Solution Overviews

Tracking & Reporting for Joint Commission Compliance

Efficient Joint Commission Tracking & Reporting Starts Here


The Joint Commission (TJC), the premier regulatory body for HealthcareTechnology Management (HTM) has recently tightened already-stringent healthcare equipment maintenance standards, now requiring that HTM teams perform 100% of scheduled maintenance on all medical devices – both high-risk and non-high-risk– annually, unless addressed in a properly-documented Alternative Equipment Maintenance (AEM) program. Not only the execution of this requirement but more importantly, the tracking and reporting associated with it, present a compelling and expensive challenge to the HTM community.

Conventional Approach

Operating largely with paper-based work orders, today’s HTM teams are forced to manually generate TJC-required reports using tediously-populated spreadsheets, an expensive and error-prone operation. Worse, when a malfunctioning device contributes to a poor patient outcome, accurately assembling the required device service history records for the inevitable investigation can be nearly impossible.

The Modern Alternative: Nuvolo’s Connected Workplace 

Nuvolo’s HTM solution eliminates paperwork orders, streamlining the PM process and yielding a rich, centralized database from which critical reports are already part of the platform and also can be easily created if new ones are needed. Not only is reporting and tracking accomplished immeasurably more efficiently, but the PM process is completed in less time and more accurately.

Features like Nuvolo’s mobile-based PM checklists mean technicians have step-by-step PM tasks at their fingertips for each device, while the Nuvolo solution also accommodates AEM Plan Records that document all deviations from Manufacturer-prescribed preventative maintenance, qualification of AEM devices, and the ongoing performance of the AEM plan all in one, easily reportable, record.

Moreover, being easily configurable for each unique healthcare environment, Nuvolo’s solution is designed to be tailored to meet the changing regulatory and business needs of each provider.

Taking Joint Commission Compliance to the Next Level

Nuvolo’s Connected Workplace for Healthcare provides a robust solution to address equipment safety, one of the three pillars of a quality Environment of Care. The Nuvolo solution allows HTM managers to track the PM history for each high risk and non-high risk device, yielding reports that not only assure compliance, but enable smart decision-making that reduces risk. Below are examples of PM and TJC reports available from Nuvolo out of the box:

– Fleet Completion Rate and Compliance by Month

– Completion and Compliance By Asset Type – DI, Pumps, MR, CT, etc..

– Completion Rate and Compliance By Department

– Completion Rate and Compliance By Site

– Completion Rate and Compliance By Technician or By Assignment Group

– PM Completion Rate and Compliance By Individual Procedure or Procedure Set

– PM Completion Rate and Compliance By Risk Groups

– Trending Reports Across the Same Suite of Metrics


More significantly, building user-defined reports and analytics is part of the Nuvolo solutions’ core features, along with an emphasis on smooth mobile device operation and user-configurable fields and forms. Nuvolo’s HTM customers no longer fear Joint Commission regulation changes or new reporting requirements and are delivering better performance with improved efficiency, ultimately reducing both cost, and patient risk.