Facilities EAM 

Case Study

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Success Story

Chewing Gum & Duct Tape

A global tech company with 20,000 employees and 100+ locations was managing its workplaces with old technology and spreadsheets. According to the Director of Program Management, “…Asure for conference room scheduling, Archibus for space, a homemade form for service requests, nothing for sustainability. For capital projects…post-it notes, chewing gum and duct tape…”

Since deploying Nuvolo, the Company has measured a 45% decrease in work order MTTC (mean time to completion), saving over 20,000 associate hours by fixing issues faster, after the initial request.

“Dash-boarding” Anything

“For every ticket we used one form,” explained the Director, “we packed all the details into a single free text field.” The content then got forwarded via email and the recipient had to unpack the details. A simple process like prepping for a visitor, assigning a badge and scheduling a room was manual and cumbersome.” Pulling data was a real challenge, “with one text field, reporting and analytics was virtually impossible.” The Company would like to use badging data to help understand how much permanent versus temporary space is needed every day. “Having that data means we can deliver a better employee experience and reduce our expensive real estate costs.”

“With Nuvolo, dash-boarding our data is immediately available to us. We simply couldn’t do it before. Now we can look at service requests by facility or region in real time and make decisions. The data visualization capability is awesome.”

Mobility Means Efficiency…and Proactive Thinking

Service requests are manual and inefficient as well. They use the same form and process, and the request ends up in a group leader’s inbox. The form gets reviewed by the group lead or forwarded to a tech, who reads the request and initiates service. According to the Director, “the tech owns closing the ticket, but that doesn’t always happen. Tickets can remain open for weeks or months. The work gets done but not closed out.”

The Company will be operational on Nuvolo Facilities Management and Mobile in March, 2019. When asked if he expected improved efficiency and lower costs using Nuvolo, the response was unequivocal - “Oh my gosh…absolutely.”

Nuvolo’s native two-dimensional bar code (QR) capability provides real value for the Company. “We have custodians visiting each room every night. With QR codes, we use the visit to uncover issues like a frayed cord. Using Nuvolo Mobile, the custodian scans a QR code. A checklist is immediately presented on their mobile and shows a handful of tasks, one of which is ‘check the room cables for signs of wear.’”

“We fine-tune checklists to individual conference rooms. For heavy use rooms, we add additional checklist items. This pro-active approach is impossible with our current systems.”

Active Knowledge

There is real excitement about “active knowledge” and technician checklists. With active knowledge, techs will have asset details, manufacturer documentation and checklists, all in digital form, at their fingertips on their mobile device. “The techs can utilize the digital documentation, service history data and digital procedure checklist to deliver the best possible service experience - very efficiently.”

Everyone Singing from the Same Sheet of Music

The Company chose Nuvolo because it offered a modern, cloud-based application suite. In 2019, Nuvolo CPPM will help support a consolidation of 5 current locations into one. The sheer logistics of these projects can be overwhelming, explains the Director: “We tend to think of consolidation as one project. In reality, it is five or six independent projects, all fully integrated. To execute well means involving HR, IT, security, facilities and finance. These departments all have their own tracking tools. Simply getting updates across departments is really hard. I wish we already had CPPM deployed for this project.”

Nuvolo provides a single system of record and allows departments to operate from the same source of information. This eliminates ad hoc coordination efforts and unforced and costly errors.

The bottom line: Nuvolo’s Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) drove the Company’s purchase decision. “We looked at point solutions and realized that Nuvolo would satisfy all our current and future needs in a single solution across all departments. The decision was a no-brainer,” according to the Company’s VP of Global Real Estate & Workplace Solutions.