Facilities EAM 

Product Overview

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Modern Space & Move Management - Improving the Employee Work Experience


Efficiently managing employee locations, office moves, department relocations, consolidations, and the opening of new offices is complex, and requires tight coordination with other functional areas like HR and IT.

 Conventional Approach

Until now, space and move management has either been done manually with paper, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents or with segregated point software products with, at best, highly cumbersome integration requirements with other key facilities systems.

 “The real estate and facilities industry has been generally underserved by technology.” Robert Teed VP of Real Estate & Workplace ServiceNow
The Modern Alternative: Nuvolo

Nuvolo’s Space & Move module leverages modern SaaS architecture to provide:

- Seamless integration with IT and HR systems

- Uploading of CAD-based floorplans and their automatic    conversion to interactive planning and visualization maps

- Custom, user-generated reports and analytics that enable    lease and occupancy optimization and cost savings

- Self-Service for employees and Department Heads

- Drag & Drop capability toplan precise moves

 Taking Space and Move Management to the Next Level

In the modern world of Space& Move software tools, floor plans are no longer static drawings spread out on a folding table, but are now interactive graphical systems that speed space planning and optimization efforts. Space & Move software systems are no longer isolated from IT and HR, meaning the days of endlessly exporting, re-importing, and emailing spreadsheets are over. Easy-to-use reporting tools that enable users to quickly build and update their own analytics to maximize space cost savings are part of the standard offering, not an expensive custom development effort.