Manufacturing EAM 

Solution Brief

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Manufacturing Asset Management Enhanced.

Today’s manufacturers need plant assets that are smart, available, safe and operating at peak performance. Using Reliability Based Maintenance, we enable less unplanned downtime, better safety and lower costs. Nuvolo EAM for manufacturing is the right solution.

The proliferation of intelligent devices has accelerated automation in manufacturing on a global scale. This trend means greater utilization of smart equipment. To manage these more strategic asset classes, manufacturers need modern EAM. Our platform plans, tracks and manages assets while utilizing work order and supplier data to identify risk, indicate trends and predict plant and equipment failures. Nuvolo helps you to increase productivity, drive compliance, improve safety and make better decisions about your critical manufacturing assets.

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

• Availability and Utilization Management 

• Compliance & Safety 

• Work Order Management Data 

• Supplier Performance Measurement

Personalized User Experience 

• Mobile 

• Dashboards 

• Role-Based Access 

• Self-Service Portal

Modern, Cloud-Based Platform 

• Availability 

• Performance 

• Security 

• Flexibility

Feature-Rich Capabilities 

• Digital Procedure Checklists 

• Active Knowledge 

• Manufacturing Asset Life Cycle Management 

• Inventory Tracking and Management

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics 

Lean manufacturing needs continuous improvement to manage costs and compete globally. Our reporting and analytics engine provides real-time visibility into plant floor operations and equipment to ensure safety, maximize availability and eliminate non-essential equipment, parts and maintenance costs.

Availability & Utilization Management 

Availability directly impacts revenue and productivity. Delivering exemplary plant and equipment maintenance is a core focus of our platform. We facilitate the automation of the planned maintenance process and give our customers flexibility and choices on scheduling. You can easily build schedules based on calendar, floating or actual plant and equipment utilization.

Compliance & Safety 

Manufacturers need to prove that plant floor operations and equipment are safe and compliant. This is especially true in the event of an incident or claim. Having data protects your brand and saves millions of dollars in liability costs. Proof means data, reporting and analytics. Old systems, spreadsheets, homegrown databases and ad-hoc teams of people pulling together disparate data doesn’t work. We provide real-time reporting, visual dashboards, trending and analytics for compliance and safety that’s simple.

Work Order Management Data 

The manufacturing process never rests. We support timely, compliant maintenance and repair that imposes little or no interruption to manufacturing. We also make it easy to capture work order, parts and service data. This data capture feeds your continuous improvement process. More viable data that is properly operationalized results in better equipment uptime.

Supplier Performance Measurement 

We manage work orders for your team and third-party suppliers. Better operations result from having one work order system, uniform data and standardized planned and corrective maintenance processes for engineers and third-party suppliers. Getting suppliers on the platform means measuring their operational and financial productivity compared to what was committed to in the contract. It’s all about accountability.

Modern, Cloud-Based Platform 

Technology for management of plant floor operations and equipment assets is continually evolving, and it requires scalability and flexibility to meet manufacturer demands for performance, reliability and cost. We built our solution on the world’s premier enterprise cloud platform and provide the highest availability and performance of any cloud provider in the world.


Is the network down or running slow? Legacy CMMS and EAM systems are risky when it comes to availability. With a world-class cloud platform, you don’t need to think or worry about the underlying infrastructure. Inherent redundancy allows customers the confidence that the systems are always there whenever needed. Our underlying platform availability is leveraged today by thousands of enterprise customers globally.


Your old CMMS or EAM tool is susceptible to long response times, locked-up screens and extended refresh cycles. We are built on the world’s leading enterprise cloud platform with the highest standards of performance. Reports, work orders, and other types of updates are fast and efficient. Your engineers will spend more time managing plant floor operations and equipment and less time using a decades old CMMS or EAM application.


Nuvolo understands the importance of protecting data and ensuring only authorized access to the manufacturing asset management platform. Thousands of security conscious companies across the globe trust our underlying platform with their data.


Legacy CMMS and EAM applications lock you into their structure and processes for enabling service management. Our robust out-of-the-box enterprise application is mature and feature-rich, but comes standard with click-to-configure capability that enables you to add or change fields, forms, reports or workflows in just a few minutes. No need to wait—we know you are moving at the speed of business.

Personalized User Experience 

Our goal is a simple, functional user experience for everyone using the platform. Whether you are the plant manager, engineer, CFO or supplier, we create an experience designed with you in mind. We understand the relationship between ease of use and adoption. Individual or team dashboards, innovative mobile capability, a company-branded self-service portal and the flexibility to personalize screens, workflow, fields and forms deliver on the promise of a simple, personalized user experience.


Your engineering team needs mobile to support your environment. We facilitate access to the platform from anywhere. We also understand that work needs to get done where there is no coverage. Plant environments are notorious for wireless and cellular connectivity issues. No problem. Nuvolo provides offline mobile access. Simply check out work orders on your mobile device and then sync once you are back in coverage. Our mobile application also comes with bar code scanning, photo capabilities and voice recognition to minimize manual entry and improve data quality


A real-time, graphical and modern view of operational data is essential for good plant and equipment performance. Our dashboards provide visibility into plant operations, presented in a way that aligns with how you think about your environment. Individual users or management can create their own personal or team dashboards using charts, graphs, lists, meters and other visual formats.

Role-Based Access 

Managing the safety and security of manufacturing asset data is essential. Our role-based access control and security enables you to determine who has access to what in the platform. Access is managed all the way down to the field level. We ensure that all users in the platform get access to only what you determine is needed.

Self-Service Portal 

Want to submit a work request? Have to ask for a schedule change? Need information? No problem. We make service requests simple, so that you just need to go to one place each time. Our self-service portal is a one-stop shop for service request management for the enterprise, and it’s really simple to use.

Feature-Rich Capabilities 

It’s time to upgrade your old CMMS platform. We provide a better, smarter and more modern, cloud-based alternative. We also make it simple to get you up and running. Our product development team focuses on simplicity, innovation and a remarkable user experience. The result is better productivity, service requests made easy and a safer work environment.

Digital Procedure Checklists 

For safety and liability management, facilities engineers need to follow manufacturer-specified procedures for maintenance. We provide these checklists in digital form within our application. Creating a new checklist takes just a few minutes. Our goal is help you move away from tribal knowledge and printed checklists to ensure safe, compliant and cost-effective services delivery.

Active Knowledge 

We believe the knowledge you need should be automatically included in the work order when you open it. It’s just better that way. We know the asset make and model and auto-populate the work order with the correct user manuals, policies, procedures, diagrams and work notes. Our active knowledge capability provides your engineers the right information every time.

Manufacturing Asset Life-Cycle Management 

Life-cycle management begins with build and expands to sale, tag, ship, install and support in the customer’s environment. Our manufacturing customers manage the build and post-build life cycle entirely on our platform. If your customer needs or buys support, we enable a seamless transition to field services and customer care on our platform

Inventory Tracking and Management 

Managing inventory levels helps control cost. Our customers understand asset and part relationships as well as parts inventory. As parts are needed, technicians execute transfers, request new part purchases or use existing inventory. If an existing part is used, the available quantity is updated in the platform in real time. You can also create auto-replenish thresholds in just a few minutes, saving time and money. We track parts costs and provide visibility on how parts inventories are used in the environment.