Facilities EAM 

Product Overview

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Putting the “I” in IWMS

Today’s Facilities Management Landscape

Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) help organizations optimize the use of their facilities equipment and real estate assets.The IWMS enterprise software category comprises five distinct product areas:

• Maintenance Management

• Space & Move Management

• Capital Project Management

• Real Estate & Lease Management

• Sustainability and Energy Management

Until recently, the IWMS market was characterized by a disparate collection of individual products that addressed one or two of the 5 areas. One software company may have a perfectly adequate maintenance solution, but it was completely separate from the real estate product built by a different software vendor. Each product came with its own software, database, infrastructure, development, and was expensive and difficult-to-support. Typically, these systems also ran standalone and did not have integrations to connect the two together to share data.

100% Integration Out-of-the-Box

Nuvolo was designed and built as a single platform with all 5 IWMS offerings fully integrated. The Nuvolo IWMS platform shares a single database, and system of record, meaning that data in one of the 5 modules is in the same database as the other 4. This is incredibly important as facilities organizations need to share critical information across each functional area. An air-handling unit purchased for a renovation in the Capital Project Management module is automatically added as an asset to the Maintenance Management solution. A work order generated by the Space & Move team that requires a maintenance technician to process is created directly in the Maintenance Management application for tracking and completion. Running energy consumption reports that require input from both the Real Estate and Sustainability solutions is now a trivial exercise with Nuvolo. This allows each functional part of the facilities organization to own their own source of truth for the facilities organization they run, while also leveraging the other team’s data in their business functions.

A Modern IWMS Solution for Modern Organizations

Nuvolo’s 5 IWMS modules are delivered with an out-of-the-box feature set that enables the automation and flexibility demanded by today’s fast-moving and adaptable organizations. The Nuvolo solution is delivered with:

- Self-service, user-generated reports and analytics to    facilitate smart, data-informed decision-making

- Configurable forms and views based on role

- Visual workflow editing for business processes

- A “mobile-first” design philosophy where the technician’s    on-site user experience is paramount

- Mobile device operation… with or without internet    connectivity

- Uploading of CAD-based floor plans and their automatic    conversion to interactive planning and visualization maps