Clinical EAM 


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Does the Nuvolo EAM application replace my CMMS? 

Yes. The EAM application enables you to replace your legacy client-server or hosted CMMS solution. For many healthcare providers, there are multiple CMMS or homegrown solutions in place. Nuvolo provides the opportunity to consolidate onto a single, centralized cloud platform and retire all of your legacy CMMS solutions. 

What capabilities exist in the Nuvolo EAM application? 

Nuvolo EAM has extensive capabilities to track, manage and maintain all of your clinical assets and to perform work order management, maintenance scheduling, automated safety and recall alerts, intelligent routing, digital manufacturer procedure checklists, smart work queue management, parts ordering, risk scoring and analysis, comprehensive reporting and analytics and so much more. The application is purposebuilt by leading healthcare organizations to meet all your clinical engineering needs. 

Does Nuvolo EAM support alternative equipment maintenance (AEM)? 

Yes. Our EAM application supports alternative equipment maintenance programs (AEM). You can use our out-of-the-box functionality to define the criteria for what devices fall into your AEM program. 

How do I schedule planned maintenance work orders in the platform? 

Nuvolo EAM enables clinical support teams to schedule planned maintenance across the entire portfolio of medical devices and systems with a flexible and easy-to-use interface. Your team has the ability to schedule using three types of maintenance, including calendar, floating and utilization-based schedules. You also have the ability to schedule other types of planned service activities for the medical equipment, including calibrations, training, inventory and condition checks. 

Does the platform integrate into safety recall systems like ECRI or RASMAS? 

Yes. Our EAM application has native integration capabilities into safety and recall systems, including ECRI and RASMAS. These integrations enable automated safety and recall detection and work order generation based on the alerts received. 

Does the Nuvolo EAM application support RTLS integration? 

Yes. Nuvolo EAM supports integration into RTLS and both passive and active RFID systems. Our integration capability allows for near real-time tracking of clinical assets and updates to the location information as these devices move throughout the hospital.

Can I easily export my data and legacy service history into Nuvolo? 

Yes. All required legacy data and service history can be exported from your legacy solutions and tools into our EAM application. You can retain as much or as little as you need for regulatory or compliance purposes. 

Are there security controls to determine who has access to the EAM application? 

Yes. The solution has comprehensive security and administrative access controls based on roles with specific privileges. Out of the box, the defined roles include technicians, managers, procurement, contract management and end users. Additional roles can be easily configured based on your exact requirements. 

Do I have to be a ServiceNow ITSM customer in order to use the EAM application? 

No. Nuvolo is an independent software vendor. Our EAM application is available as a standalone solution. You do not need to be a ServiceNow customer. 

Does Nuvolo EAM support FDA Unique Device Identification? 

Yes. Our EAM application automatically contains the latest FDA Unique Device Identification data and classifications. This enables customers to drive standardization and consistency in aligning their medical devices with the FDA UDI classifications. 

Does Nuvolo EAM support risk scoring and offer the industry-standard scoring models? 

Yes. Our EAM application contains out-of-the-box risk scoring capability. Risk scoring methodologies supported include Fennigkoh & Smith, Wang & Levenson, Wang & Levenson (Adjusted) and our own Nuvolo EAM risk score formula. Our platform also offers the flexibility to adjust the risk scoring formulas to meet your unique risk scoring calculations. 

How robust are the reporting and analytics capability of Nuvolo’s EAM platform?

Nuvolo EAM comes standard with a comprehensive reporting and analytics module. The easy-to-use tool set includes pre-built reports, analytics and the capability to build custom reports and dashboards easily. The reporting module is flexible and extensible, and new reports can be created in just a few minutes. 

What resources are available to help me migrate from my legacy CMMS? 

Nuvolo has a global services delivery team to help you migrate to our EAM platform. In the pre-sales process, Nuvolo will provide a personalized statement of work specifying the migration time, resources and cost. Nuvolo will then deliver on all requirements.