Facilities EAM 

Product Overview

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Integrated Capital Projects Management & Tracking


Effectively tracking and managing new facilities construction and renovations requires coordination with the broader enterprise and the systems that manage finance, facilities, vendors, and others. If such integration doesn’t exist organically, time-consuming and error-generating manual data sharing efforts hinder projects from concept to completion.

Conventional Approach

Today’s conventional software products for managing construction projects offer approaches that are independent of the organization’s enterprise management solutions. This, despite the reality that construction and renovation projects are inextricably tied to the enterprise’s finance, vendor management, and facilities software systems, among others.

The Modern Alternative: Nuvolo

Nuvolo offers the only capital projects solution that manages the entire project lifecycle – from vendor selection through punch-list management – that fully integrates with other key enterprise software functional solutions like finance, facilities, IT, and vendor management. With Nuvolo, work orders are not specific – or isolated - to any one functional area, and can be passed between enterprise modules smoothly. Thus, for example, the HVAC vendor providing the equipment for a new building may be the same one that provides maintenance for a completely different facility, and all invoices, contracts, work orders, and other data for that vendor reside in the same database, enabling smart reporting, analysis, and facilitating more effective negotiations.

Taking Capital Projects Management to the Next Level

Nuvolo’s integrated approach to new construction and renovation management is founded on the practical reality that such projects are part and parcel of business operations, not a separate entity. The fully-featured solution includes capabilities standard to all Nuvolo solutions, like user-generated reports, user modifiable forms and workflows, as well as features unique to capital project management:

- Budget planning

- Permit tracking

- Resource management

- Cost reporting

- Cash flow analysis

- Cost baseline comparison

- Gantt charts

- Contract management

- Bidding and sourcing process

- RFI’s and RFP’s

- Vendor portal