Jun 04, 2021
By Lisa Laczynski
Solution Overviews

Connect Your Nuvolo HTM and Facilities Management CMMS Directly to PartsSource

Easily access the parts you need by integrating PartsSource and Nuvolo  

Spend more time ensuring equipment is operational patent care and less time sourcing parts.

In today’s world, healthcare technology management (HTM) and facilities management professionals are challenged with a growing list of responsibilities–which includes so much more than just maintenance. For example, finding the right parts supplier, comparing pricing between suppliers, ordering the part, and managing parts invoices from numerous suppliers can be very time-consuming.

The new integration just made this process significantly easier for Nuvolo clients who use PartsSource as their parts supplier.

Through Nuvolo, you now have real-time access to the PartsSource multi-vendor parts and services marketplace, which contains over one million product options. You can then automatically store part numbers and other information in Nuvolo, making it easier to look up parts and their costs from previous work orders. PartsSource now has facilities maintenance repair products as well, making parts management easier and less time-consuming for the entire hospital.

Key Benefits

  • Quickly complete searches and parts purchases through your Nuvolo CMMS so you don’t have to spend time browsing and comparing items across multiple vendor sites.
  • Reduce costs by ensuring that you’re not overpaying for the products you need.
  • Automatically store PartsSource numbers in Nuvolo, so you can look up products without having time-consuming research.
  • Enable both HTM and facilities teams to use the same platform to find the products they need, greatly reducing the complexity of parts management.

How It Works

Technicians, clinical engineers, and facilities management can all access PartsSource from Nuvolo with just one click. When you select the Search option from the Nuvolo interface, information about the part number or product is passed through to PartsSource, so you can easily find the part you need.

This enables you to seamlessly manage your clinical and facilities operations: you can complete service requests, manage work orders, and find repair and maintenance products using a mobile-friendly workflow.

There are two integration options: The standard version (Lite Preferred Search), and a more in-depth option that provides single sign-on and bi-directional data transfer between PartsSource and Nuvolo.

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