Sep 24, 2021
By Kate Camerlin

How Stadiums Can Use Connected Workplace to Manage Events

Nuvolo Connected Workplace helps ensure operations at stadiums and other venues are streamlined and running smoothly. It helps teams maintain and manage critical items like working A/V equipment, cleaned spaces, and stocked shelves in order to make sure event attendees have a great experience. For example, facilities teams can use it to manage almost every piece of equipment in a stadium or event space—from the heating and cooling systems, to the jumbotron, to the kitchen equipment, and more.

Plus, it makes it easier to automate inspections and work orders, work with vendors, plan capital projects, and even redesign floorplans and spaces.

The following article outlines the top ways you can use Connected Workplace to manage and maintain event spaces.

Automating Inspection Processes and Work Orders

Before events, you can designate spaces and subspaces that need to be inspected, creating color-coded pins so you can more easily visualize the necessary work. Based on the event (e.g., a football game, soccer match, or concert), you can automatically generate inspection work orders that are assigned to a designated technician. The technician can access everything from a mobile device, where they’ll find their assigned space inspection work orders, and (more importantly), a digital procedure checklist for each space.

For example, they can perform rounds to check:

  • Bathroom cleanliness (including checks for whether soap dispensers are filled, paper towels and toilet paper are available, and more)
  • The location and condition of items in each space
  • Whether sinks and other facilities equipment are in working order

When things fail the checks, technicians can automatically assign corrective work orders directly from their mobile devices.

Plus, you can assign spaces with a color-coded status based on their condition. This makes it much easier to visualize and prioritize what needs to be done.

And in this post-COVID era where cleaning and safety protocols are more important than ever, stadiums across the country can trust Nuvolo to help ensure sanitizing processes are followed and safety protocols are being correctly implemented.

Updating and Maintaining HVAC and Ventilation Systems

Maintaining air quality systems requires constant monitoring and an effective maintenance plan—including a plan for updating filters and replacing worn parts.

Connected Workplace can help you automate the process of maintaining your HVAC systems by auto-generating work orders to dispatch technicians to each device when it’s time for scheduled maintenance.

Managing Assets and Fleet Vehicles

You can track all assets right from within Connected Workplace, as well. This includes lighting equipment, TVs, sound systems, chairs, tables, and more. It is easy to schedule planned or corrective maintenance and then update the information (including location and work history) directly from a mobile device. This means your data is accurate and up to date.

In addition, you can maintain and manage fleet vehicles like golf carts, vans, lawn mowers—making sure they’re always in working order.

Managing Vendors

Connected Workplace streamlines the process of managing all of the vendors and contractors you work with. Vendors use the same platform as all other employees, so they can update work orders, inventory information, and asset history within the same database. They have access to critical information and workflows that enable them to complete their work more efficiently.

Whether you’re working with food vendors, janitorial vendors, or supply contractors who provide safety equipment like fire extinguishers or first aid equipment, you can manage it all from within the platform–including tracking invoices and contracts.

This means you have better insight into the performance of all your vendors alongside other key business data, and you can make more informed data-driven decisions.

Redesigning Floorplans for Facilities and Corporate Spaces

When rethinking facilities or corporate office space, Nuvolo makes floorplan editing easy with its intuitive drag-and-drop feature. You can visualize the layout changes and directly integrate with AutoCAD, so you can import current floorplans and modify them directly from the tool.

Connected Workplace then lets you implement those changes: When you’re ready, you can automatically generate work orders to change floor layouts right from the same platform.

Plus, you can use the Connected Workplace Projects solution to fully manage your ongoing renovation or construction projects, ensuring you’re on track and on budget.

One Connected Solution

With Connected Workplace, you can manage all aspects of your venue’s operations. The platform brings together all employees, physical locations, assets, and business services, so you have a more complete insight into your facilities, vendors, supply chain, office spaces, and more.

Interested in learning more? Check out our corresponding ebook, see how one North American football arena uses Nuvolo, and contact us today.

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