Jun 10, 2021
By Kate Camerlin

How the Connected Workplace Can Help K-12 Schools Make COVID-Related Safety Improvements

The American Rescue Plan (ARP) provides $122 billion for K–12 state education agencies (including $800 million for children experiencing homelessness). It is the single largest investment ever made in public education.

The funds can be used across a range of items–although there are some restrictions, both at the state and local level. In addition to other activities, K-12 schools can use the funding to:

  • Address the needs of underserved and low-income student populations
  • Purchase technology to aid in student education
  • Repair school facilities to reduce risk of virus transmission and exposure to environmental health hazards

Nuvolo Connected Workplace is a software platform that helps you manage those COVID-related safety improvements across your school.

Ensuring Health and COVID-Related Safety in Your Schools

The Connected Workplace is a building, space, and facilities management solution designed to connect your teams and departments—so everything is on one platform.

It can help make it easier to address coronavirus-related concerns now (including HVAC and air flow system repairs), while also modernizing your schools for the future.

The Connected Workplace can help you plan and prioritize your projects in several key ways.

Make Maintenance and Cleaning Easier—Including for HVAC and Air Filtration Systems

The Connected Workplace makes it possible to plan, forecast, and track building repairs and improvements. This includes installing or repairing HVAC systems and other upgrade projects to improve indoor air quality. Plus, you can use the platform to help you see how your building performs when compared to recommended health and safety guidelines.

You can track how your existing equipment and systems are functioning, plan for the updates you need to make, and schedule any maintenance or repair work right from within the platform. You can also design preventive maintenance plans to auto-assign and auto-route work orders for tasks.

In addition, your maintenance teams have access to cleaning checklists from the mobile app. They complete the cleaning and sanitizing lists, and you have a time-stamped record of the cleaning procedure. The checklists are pre-built based on CDC and WHO cleaning guidelines, ensuring a thorough and effective sanitization process.

Plus, if a cleaning crew member finds a problem during their rounds, they can create a corrective work order immediately.

The Connected Workplace can help you maintain consistently safe air quality and virus-free surfaces in high-occupancy spaces.

Optimize Space Planning

The Connected Workplace makes implementing classroom and school redesigns easier.

Everyone—from visitors, students, and the cleaning crew—uses the same virtual floor maps.

With interactive maps, you can visualize classroom layouts, map out hand sanitizing stations, make sure desks are spaced out appropriately, and more.

You can even create simulations before the actual move to ensure the process will run smoothly.

Once a redesign or move is in place virtually, the solution will auto-generate and auto-assign work orders. Technicians and maintenance crews use the interactive floor maps on their mobile phones to navigate to and manage those work orders.

PPE Inventory Management

Your staff can look and see where you’ve set up hand sanitizer and PPE kiosks, and rest easy knowing these stations exist and are stocked.

Using inventory management, you can track your PPE supplies, so can keep better track of your face masks or hand sanitizer.

Exceptional Insight Into How Your Buildings Are Performing

When all contracts, space, work orders, assets, and other critical data reside in the same database, you have unprecedented insight into your projects. You can drill down into the details and be confident in your ability to answer tough questions.

You’ll have the data analysis to understand the impact of your COVID response, find areas of cost savings and improvement, and forecast future needs.

Keep students safe, implement your COVID-related safety projects, and plan for the future of your schools with the Nuvolo Connected Workplace.

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