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The Connected Workplace

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We’ve successfully helped organizations from all industries benefit from the Connected Workplace. We’ve got your back because we understand the challenges you face, that’s why we created a solution.

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Healthy devices
Healthy outcomes

Replace multiple legacy applications and significantly improve your HTM and Facilities team.

  • Coordinate and transfer work orders between the HTM/CE, Facilities and IT departments, increasing efficiencies, lowering costs and ensuring the right team is notified
  • Document, monitor and ensure Environment of Care (EOC) regulatory compliance
  • Better manage vendor response and contracts and provide data to make smarter vendor coverage choices

Customer Experience Matters

You care about the experience you bring to your employees and customers.  That starts behind the scenes. 

  • Full life cycle vendor management
  • Make better repair vs. replace decisions
  • Keep your revenue-generating assets up and running ​​

Unified Process   

Efficient Operations

Driving efficiency through your organization will give you back time to do what you do best… serve and protect​.

  • Have the data to freeze or reduce the footprint requirements
  • Bring an element of modernization to your historic buildings
  • Efficiently manage your space across multiple regions


A Campus for the Connected Generation

Keep up with the modern day needs of the connected generation.

  • Manage space across multiple campuses
  • Implement departmental space & maintenance charge-backs easily
  • Manage multiple vendor contracts across your organization

Improve Your Lab Performance

Ensuring high quality maintenance for GxP and non GxP environments is critical for the success of your lab.

  • Simplify calibration for accurate outputs
  • Optimize equipment utilization
  • Protect your lab from cyber security threats

Smart Technology for Smart Buildings

Workplace management for digital pioneers.

  • Attract & retain talent by offering a state-of-the-art employee experience through a modern workplace
  • Manage real estate, space & employees from one solution
  • Keep an eye on cyber security for facilities connected devices

Make Data Driven Decisions

Having a view into how your business runs allows for informed decision making, positively impacting the customer experience.

  • Maintain the necessary 24×7 availability you need to keep your business running
  • Manage vendor contracts & SLAs that could be hard to keep track of manually
  • Eliminate errors by automating invoice processing ​


Connect Your Workplace

Add power to facilities and space management with one platform running it all.

  • Offer support and sustainability management for smart buildings 
  • Easily manage multiple vendor contracts across different departments 
  • Make data driven decisions by having information flow into the same system

What our customers are saying

We not only were looking for a modern-day CMMS that could meet the needs of our Clinical Engineering department today and into the future, but also a CMMS company that would be a strategic partner. That is why we chose Nuvolo.”

SCL Health

The vast majority of our workforce could not interact with a floor plan; they had to download a PDF. After we deployed Nuvolo, we now have 100% of our floor plans available on-line, and our employees can interact with them…including searches."

Leading Enterprise Software Company

I’d estimate we’re saving $300 a week in over-charges for my stores with Nuvolo, and that adds up. Projecting a $300 per week cost savings across all the company’s stores yield an annual savings of over $70,000."

Large Supermarket Chain

With this greatly improved information access, we’ve been able to focus our efforts on the most critical pieces of equipment, and have been able to improve how we track service contracts and warranties so we’re not paying for work that, essentially, we’ve already paid for."

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

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