Technopolis Delivers World-Class Customer Experiences Using Modern Workplace Management Software

Technopolis is an expert in shared workspaces, providing efficient and flexible office spaces and high value services to large global corporations and growing startups. They offer a wide range of options to clients including workspace design to reception, meeting room, restaurant, and cleaning solutions that fully support a holistic workplace experience. Technopolis is a forward-thinking organization that prides itself on having the customer experience at the heart of its mission of always being the most desired workplace.

In the past, Technopolis relied on multiple software tools to assist with the maintenance, real estate, and space needs of their customers. But as the company has grown to manage over 100 buildings and gained a higher demand to accommodate nearly 1,500 organizations with 45,000 employees, they required a centralized, more efficient approach to enhance the support they were providing. The legacy systems and spreadsheets they were using didn’t integrate or communicate well for cross-team collaboration and were not going to cut it anymore.

The Challenge

Managing shared workspace environments can be a challenge, from the maintenance of physical spaces to managing customer needs and expectations, to dealing with critical service requests, and controlling budgets and invoicing.

To remain competitive and ensure they deliver a world-class customer experience, Technopolis made the decision to look for an innovative cloud solution to consolidate 3 applications and provide the flexibility and scalability desired to run their real estate portfolio and help make better data-driven decisions.

At the time they were using ServiceNow for service work orders and a local system for property related management, but the different Technopolis teams across maintenance, real estate, project management, and sales departments required a more robust, dedicated option. They needed a system to match the requirements of their different facilities and customers that have a range of challenges based on the complexity of the organizations they are supporting, and spaces used.

To meet their needs, Technopolis chose Nuvolo Connected Workplace. Nuvolo Connected Workplace offered Technopolis a modern, highly flexible cloud based IWMS (integrated workplace management solution), natively built on the ServiceNow platform.

One Single Source of Truth Across the Business

With Nuvolo Connected Workplace, Technopolis benefits from a high-performing, easy-to-use, and fully integrated solution, configured to meet their specific needs. As a result, the real estate, maintenance, sales, and project management business units now utilize one platform to access and manage all invoices, work orders, space information, and move plans to make better decisions and complete tasks more efficiently.

Digital floor plans are the foundation of Technopolis’ modern approach to workplace management, delivering indispensable visibility across all their spaces and assets. They made the decision to implement all CAD floor plans as a sole source of truth, for consistency and accuracy of master data, and flexibility for layering a multitude of information to inform and measure their facilities and workplace management.

“If changes to customer premises or workspaces are made, as the floorplans are used as the master data for everything, including invoicing, they need to be updated accordingly and uploaded into the system before sales can invoice our customers.” said Risto Kivisilta, CIO. “This has been done to enforce high quality of master data which is coming directly from the floorplans created as CAD files.”

To ensure the system has accurate and up-to-date information about the layout and use of spaces, all users that need access are required to update the master CAD files in-system to make it easier for everyone to see a true view of all floor plans. Kivisilta went on to say,

“Being able to manage constantly changing floorplans was one of our proudest moments and now makes employees’ jobs more efficient with everyone having access to the same data.”

In addition, Technopolis has assigned all facilities assets on their corresponding master floor plan file. Users can view all relevant pieces of equipment, all equipment with an open work order, or display all assets mapped across the facility floor plan. Customers can then create a service request from a portal for any asset that has been enabled on the floor plan view.

Automated Processes

Powerful, built-in workflow capabilities have helped Technopolis streamline multi‑step processes. Before using Nuvolo, the service team had to manually approve and assign work orders, increasing the risk of error or delays. Automation has helped mitigate these issues, improve overall efficiency, and accelerate outcomes. As a result, customers that use Technopolis spaces and services have seen improvements in workplace experience – from ease of request submission to speed of repair. Automating tasks to manage and track a maintenance or space request helps the right Technopolis personnel or group respond to customer needs more quickly and efficiently. This cross-team collaboration has enabled business units to decrease the amount of daily manual tasks and ensure customers are more satisfied with their workplace.

Enhanced Reporting and Insights

Technopolis has streamlined its approach to reporting across all departments, ensuring users have easy access to accurate and consistent data related to their business function.

“Effective reporting is the key to meeting or exceeding customer experience – it allows us to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions.” said Kivisilta. “System dashboards and automated reports, enable the property management and service teams to monitor and review work orders and vendor performance against service level agreements, and monitor customer satisfaction related to workspace changes, cleaning, and vendor performance in these areas. This is resulting in greater clarity, visibility, and efficiency across the organization.”

The Future with Nuvolo

As Technopolis continues to grow globally, they plan to expand Nuvolo’s capabilities into more areas of the business. They plan to participate in the adoption of sensor and IoT data deeper into the processes and systems.  Data will integrate into Nuvolo processes to help leaders to make more informed decisions, based on actual live data. Technopolis will be checking in with clients to understand how their experience has been using Nuvolo and continues to have check points to ensure that Nuvolo is being used as intended.