Oct 27, 2021
By Brandon Davis
What's New?

What’s New in Space – October 2021

All Assets in BIM Revit Can Now Be Imported Into Nuvolo

Clients using BIM Revit can easily visualize the location of assets, rooms, or floors. Additionally, all assets in the Revit model are now imported into Nuvolo. The ability to select assets will come in a future release.

Enhanced Zone Management Helps Improve Planning Functionality

Users will experience enhancements to Zone Managements, which allows participants to be moved to and from a zone using the graphical floor plan view. Other enhancements include:

  • Mature Strategic Planning Capabilities: Enhance Zone Management capabilities, improve workspace planner functionality, and manage Move Work Orders from within the Nuvolo mobile application.
  • Duration Movement Management Tracking: Build time estimates to track, compare, and report on planned versus actuals.

Space Block Planning Helps to Visualize and Manage Space Allocation

This release introduces the Block Planning net new application, which is a visualization and management tool for buildings and all floors in a building. It is part of the enterprise-level space planning and modeling tools that Nuvolo has released in Latvia and Norway that flows space projections into future ‘space stacking’ plans. In Block Planning, stack plans flow into seating plans, i.e., ‘space blocking’.

The stack process is the allocation of teams to floors—the block process is adding people to specific locations on the floor. Together they enable users to understand how seating plans and move costs impact space portfolios.

The Block Plan information is used to visually understand and manage space allocation for large groups of employees on a floorplan. It allows customers to plan effectively, relying on complete, accurate, and current information and space forecasts. Within Block Planning, space planners can quickly reorganize team locations to create strategic department alignments, create employee growth scenarios that determine future space needs, and accommodate for forecasted growth.

The blocking strategic planning capability allows customers to

  • Create and view block plan records under the stack plan records they belong to
  • See and assign spaces that departments own on a floorplan
  • Track in real-time how space assignments affect occupancy ratios and potential move costs

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