ESFM Revolutionizes Client Workplace Experience with a New Integrated Facilities Management Solution

In an increasingly competitive space, ESFM created a world-class Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) technology solution to provide a cutting-edge experience for operators and clients, supporting business growth. This solution, called ESFMx, provides an industry-leading user experience and reporting that is the right fit for each type of user that interfaces with it.

In 2020, ESFM engaged Nuvolo, who brought in Deloitte as a strategic partner, to enable the delivery of this proprietary solution that streamlines the technology tools used to manage operations across their business, including facilities maintenance and engineering, sustainability initiative tracking, and workplace solutions.

With “for the operator, by the operator” as the guiding principle, it is key to providing the operations team with a robust platform that is comprehensive, scalable, and flexible, while also delivering direct client value, by focusing on:

  • Creating a world-class experience for end-users to request service, be informed on service activity, and provide feedback
  • Designing a solution experience that’s unique to each client location
  • Reducing administrative work to increase the amount of time operators spend on the floor

ESFMx simplifies life for the client, building occupant, and facilities manager by:

  • Consolidating technology tools, integrating functionalities, and aligning reporting for ESFM’s self-performed portfolio of hard and soft facility services
  • Centralizing space, audit, service, occupant sentiment, and asset data with one tool
  • Enabling data-driven efficiencies and benchmarking across the business
Key Opportunities

With ESFMx, data-empowered decisions are fast and easy. Data is leveraged to optimize services and asset maintenance plans, providing clients with transparent, comprehensive reporting and operators with insightful, actionable analytics. ESFMx also simplifies license management and eliminates the need to integrate standalone process support solutions with a core computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

A Search for the Solution

ESFM partnered with Nuvolo because they could optimize workflows for operators and build great experiences for their customers. The platform provides a low-code/no-code environment that can be quickly and easily modified to fit requirements across both hard services and soft services to run all aspects of operations with a single, simple solution.

Where Nuvolo ends, ServiceNow’s rich portfolio begins. Because of this, ESFM was able to leverage key ServiceNow capabilities to build occupant engagement experiences, a simplified request management solution, and a fully integrated inspection and audit solution.

An Innovative Implementation 

ESFM maintains an incredible focus on the details that matter to their customers. They quickly realized a traditional process-first approach meant some customer-specific adaptability requirements may not be fully addressed. Nuvolo engaged strategic partner Deloitte to facilitate an operations-first approach to the build.

The team hosted workshops that engaged operators in meaningful discussions and exercises to identify key requirements and unique capabilities for the ESFMx solution, always keeping the goal in mind to simplify the processes required to provide great service.

Three workstreams were identified by the ESFM, Deloitte, and Nuvolo team:

  • Core capabilities
  • Proprietary capabilities (occupant engagement, integrated inspections, client segmentation)
  • Client onboarding

All design decisions had direct operator feedback, and when out-of-the-box functionality was not good enough, it was modified. ESFMx enables ESFM to adapt processes, nomenclature, and financial reporting at the customer level so that every deployment feels custom-made and designed specifically for each customer location.

Top Organizational Benefits

Better Business Decisions with Better Data – By consolidating tools, aligning reporting and centralizing data, ESFMx provides several key benefits. Clients are impressed with the adaptability of ESFMx as it can adjust to meet specific needs. When all activities are fully integrated and data is correlated into a single system, the team gets clearer insight into space and asset performance, allowing them to manage the overall business more easily.

The data-driven cleaning solution leverages inspection and audit history plus ESFM’s proprietary eClean process to establish an optimized janitorial schedule that can be flexed based on real-time feedback from occupant sentiment, IoT devices, and/or people-counting sensor technologies.

Speed to Market – With Nuvolo and Deloitte’s partnership, ESFM was able to deliver its first release of ESFMx in just a few months. This included a request management solution that allowed operators to be on the floor instead of triaging requests from their office.

Requests can originate from IoT-enabled devices, submissions through the client service portal or occupant engagement, people-counting sensors, and/or the client’s Building Automation System (BAS) solution. ESFM facility directors have one seamless experience to review assignments from their mobile devices, regardless of how the request came in.

A Truly Unique, Agile IFM Solution

By consolidating data and tools and streamlining processes for operators, ESFMx is truly able to deliver workplace experiences to clients that are fluid, cohesive, and predictable – improving employee engagement and collaboration. Creating a consistent, positive workplace experience for end-users, clients report employees are more productive and satisfied with their workplace.

Learn more about ESFMx by listening to our fireside chat with case study co-authors Chris Lilly (SVP Technology, ESFM), Amit Deshpande (Manager, Deloitte), and Brad Casemore (SVP, Customer Experience, Nuvolo).

Listen to the fireside chat now.