Aug 19, 2021
By Tony Bailey
What's New?

What’s New in OT Security – August 2021

Nuvolo OT Security Now Includes Defined Settings for Securely Onboarding Medical Devices  

One of the major challenges for healthcare technology management (HTM) teams is to onboard medical devices and facilities systems with the appropriate security settings.  

The Norway release now features an additional option known as Nuvolo OT Security with Industry-Leading Standards, which makes use of rigorous standards developed by Mayo Clinic for the implementation of security procedures.  

HTM teams can simply select a predefined Mayo Clinic security profile procedure and then apply it to a specific make and model of a device. The procedures are then presented as web pages with embedded images and a description of the steps a technician needs to complete their assigned work. 

This helps save time, reduce complexity, and ensure devices and systems meet organizational and security requirements throughout their lifecycle. 




What-If Scenario Planning for Work Order Routing 

A setting change on a medical device can mean thousands of work orders are generated at one time, overwhelming already-stretched healthcare technology management (HTM) teams.   

To address this issue, the Nuvolo Connected Workplace Norway release includes what-if scenario planning for work order routing within the OT Security solution.   

If a device requires secure onboarding or security-related remediation, what-if scenarios (combined with device profile information) can model which work orders will dispatch to the same location and how many work orders are being assigned to the same technicians.  

This helps alleviate the problems associated with excessive work orders, allowing for greater control over dispatching and prioritization to properly manage workloads for facilities and clinical engineers

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