Oct 27, 2021
By Brandon Davis
What's New?

What’s New in Life Sciences – October 2021

New Calibration Results Summary Speeds Up Review Process

The calibration solution now includes a calibration results summary that enables technicians, supervisors, and auditors to easily review results before submission and approvals, allowing the equipment to be brought back online quickly. This summary also includes the GxP and non-GxP submission and approval workflows, ensuring compliance is met.

A sample view of the new calibration results summary


Added Enhancements Improve Calibration Process and Reference Standards Management

Measurement uncertainty is now calculated for each test point, enabling technicians and metrologists to evaluate whether a test point has passed or failed when close to a tolerance limit. This helps users decide, in borderline situations, if an asset has passed calibration or if it needs to be calibrated again. Uncertainty error values can be added to reference standards or a data sheet template, and these values are then used by the system to calculate the uncertainty for each test point.

Additionally, users can now review the use of Reference standards through a dedicated KPI to better manage them. Reference standards that are unused or are used infrequently can be identified and potentially retired, leading to savings in administration and servicing costs.

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