Aug 12, 2021
By Sarah Czarnowski
What's New?

What’s New in Connected Workplace for Life Sciences – August 2021

Implement Controls and Versioning Requirements Based on Asset Risk

We have expanded the compliance elements of our Maintenance solution to allow asset administrators to define when compliance workflows should be used based on whether an asset is subject to GxP regulations. This allows you to have more flexibility and efficiency in maintenance management, exempting equipment that does not require the rigor of versioning and change requests.

The compliance solution includes additional enhancements to the Electronic Change Request (ECR) lists and audit trail display navigation, and it also includes additional configurations to the approval workflows, which improves usability.





New Calibration Interface Improves Usability and Performance   

We have continued to improve our calibration application, which is part of the Maintenance solution, by releasing a completely redesigned user interface.

This interface offers significant improvements to usability and performance, reducing the number of clicks by 60%-70% and making it easier to select reference standards and add information to each test during a calibration.

Users can also now:

  • Change transfer functions and error tolerances to account for different calibration and calculation scenarios within the application.
  • Use a new dashboard indicating whether specific instruments may need calibration less often or more frequently. This accounts for “as found” assets that pass calibrations without needing adjustment and “as left” assets that need adjustment or fail calibration.

These insights will help with determining appropriate calibration intervals, which can have a direct effect on technician workloads and product quality.




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