Support Your Biotech’s Real Estate Journey

Join Nuvolo and JLLT for an in-depth discussion on how to support your biotech’s Corporate Real Estate journey.

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Corporate Real Estate is often a company’s second largest expense after labor, and biotech companies are spending over $600 per square foot on average for their spaces.

How is your company’s business strategy aligned with your real estate investments—now and for the future?

As your biotech scales in size and achieves clinical milestones, it is important to know how you will continue to strategically plan, effectively use resources, and adapt to changing market conditions.

Join us to learn how you can:

  • Gain visibility into current real estate details to plan, manage, and optimize your portfolio
  • Determine whether to expand current spaces or purchase more square footage by planning for headcount growth and predict business scaling needs
  • Save significant time and money by consolidating all contracts, payments, and critical dates on one platform
  • Proactively assess new cost-effective areas in the market for office, research and manufacturing space

Don’t miss this presentation, find out how you can help transform your biotech’s corporate real estate strategy.