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How Parkland Health & Hospital System Optimized OT Cyber Security

Just three years ago the HTM group at Parkland Health and Hospital System decided to modernize their CMMS application and associated business processes. They chose Nuvolo as the flexible and scalable platform to help them achieve their business goals then and into the future. Their digital transformation has been spectacular with key improvements in clinical device management and support process efficiency gains across the board. And now they have plans to optimize OT cyber security with synergized monitoring, alerts, and remediation.

Please join us for this co-webinar and learn how Parkland Health is leveraging the integration between Medigate’s clinical device security solution and Nuvolo’s OT Cyber Security module to improve risk management oversight and streamline coordination for required maintenance. In this session, representatives from Parkland Health will walk us through their modernization journey, sharing their insights and use cases for improvements to their cyber security business operations and clinical device support services, including the following:

  • Simplified onboarding for new clinical devices added to the network
  • Accurate inventory tracking and auditing for network connected clinical devices
  • Improved security risk management and reporting for HTM and IT
  • Coordinated security response for complex clinical devices that have shared ownership (IT, Facilities, HTM)

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