Apr 28, 2020
By Lisa Laczynski
Solution Overviews

Vendor Management

The Challenge

All businesses use vendors for equipment and facilities maintenance, and, as supporting large in-house technician teams is becoming more difficult, the outsourcing trend is accelerating. Managing dozens – or even hundreds – of vendors on a daily basis is cumbersome, time-consuming, and replete with inaccuracies and inefficiencies. Moreover, analyzing and reporting on vendor performance is virtually nonexistent, while integrating vendor management with existing financial systems is clumsy, at best.

Conventional Approach

To date, organizations have managed vendors using a combination of paper, spreadsheets, and email, requiring frequent manual intervention, physical data input, and time-consuming clarification phone calls. Sadly, inefficiencies, errors, and poor decision-making abound in the typical vendor management environment.

The Modern Alternative: Nuvolo’s Connected Workplace – Vendor Management

The foundation of Nuvolo’s vendor management solution is the vendor self-service portal, a role-based access tool – vendors see only information relevant to their work – that vendors use to access and complete assigned work orders, submit invoices, and track their performance. Vendors can also create subcontractor access to the portal, consolidating all work into a single location, whether it’s accomplished by the vendor, or the vendor’s vendor. Contract details are also included, so businesses can reference SLA’s and contract cost details to evaluate performance in real-time, and intelligently inform future negotiations.

Additionally, Nuvolo customers can assign work orders to the appropriate vendors, process invoices efficiently and intelligently, and most importantly, easily generate reports on individual vendor performance, for example:

  • Achieved SLAs by Vendor
  • Breached SLAs by Vendor
  • Percentage of PM Work Orders Closed on Time
  • Work Order Parts Cost per Vendor
  • Work Order Travel Cost per Vendor
  • -Service Turnaround Time, PM Status by Vendor
  • Life Cycle Contracts Spend

When Your Vendor’s Happy… You’re Happy

Nuvolo’s benefits extend beyond your organization…to your vendors. And when your vendors are more efficient, you get better service at a lower cost. When you deploy Nuvolo’s Connected Workplace Vendor Management solution, your vendors automatically leverage:

  • Online and Offline Access to Work Orders
  • Geolocation of Technicians in the Field
  • Geofencing of Technicians based on coverage areas
  • Geolocation based Check-in and Check-out when onsite    at a Physical Location
  • Barcode scanning of Assets
  • Voice to Text for Work Order updates
  • Attach Photographs or Attachments to Work Orders
  • Capture Electronic Signatures on Work Orders

Built on the ServiceNow Platform

As Nuvolo’s solution is built natively on ServiceNow’s market-leading platform, our vendor management solution is delivered with:

  • User-configurable executive-level reporting and analytics
  • Click-to-configure forms to enable faster time-to-market
  • Click-to-configure workflows so our solution adapts to your process, not the reverse
  • Seamless integration with the Connected Workplace: Maintenance, Space, Projects, Real Estate, and Sustainability