Large Restaurant Chain Uses Nuvolo to Extend ServiceNow Into Facilities and Space

Our client, a large restaurant chain in North America, is committed to creating a welcoming and consistent guest experience across all their cafés. To support this priority, they were looking for ways to streamline their facilities management processes to improve the overall customer and employee experience.

The Challenge

They primarily managed the maintenance of their cafés using spreadsheets. Plus, facilities requests were handled differently depending on the size and scope of the tasks.

Smaller day-to-day repairs and maintenance needs were handled directly by the general managers of each café. When maintenance was required, they were responsible for calling equipment vendors to confirm the order and schedule the work. This meant spending time on the phone coordinating these maintenance tasks. However, for larger repairs and remodels, the facilities team would get involved. They’d help with bids, reviews, and vendor management.

In addition to optimizing the maintenance of the cafés, the company also needed a way to improve the employee experience in the corporate offices, and they required a way to manage their return-to-the-workplace initiative. They needed a system for tracking corporate facility and building usage, and they required a streamlined way for employees to book workspaces for the days they’d be back in the office.

Why Nuvolo?

Our customer uses ServiceNow™ for their IT requests and other business operations like risk management, food safety, and supply chain. Because Nuvolo is natively Built on NOW, the team was able to extend their instance into other lines of business, essentially connecting those groups through technology. Nuvolo provided them with a platform that they could modify and expand—including customizable workflows, user interfaces, and flexible features.

Ultimately, we offered a way for the IT, space management, and facilities teams to use the same platform for all their business needs.

Optimizing Facilities Management

The facilities team used Nuvolo to streamline their work order and vendor management processes. Before the solution was deployed, the team processed roughly 5,000 projects per year. After go-live, the facilities team changed their processes and began managing all the maintenance that the cafés needed from the top down. They were able to accurately process approximately 23,000 requests using the same resources.

Additionally, managers now no longer need to remain on the phones for requests. They can now submit work orders, which get automatically dispatched to vendors. If any issues arise, the facilities team can intervene directly; they can talk to vendors and technicians through the platform, which ensures issues are resolved sooner.

Most importantly, it has reduced the workload that general managers were carrying, freeing them up to continue their focus on the customer and on priority company goals.

Streamlining Space Management and the Return-to-the-Workplace Initiative

Additionally, we helped our client facilitate its return-to-the-workplace initiative. Employees can reserve the spaces they need, and teams are able to monitor utilization data in order to track how their corporate facilities are being used. They can better manage their office, desk, and cubicle spaces and make more informed building and real estate decisions.

Future Uses

Our client is looking at potentially expanding into the capital planning solution to assist with projects such as future remodels or redesigns.