Health Insurance Company Consolidates Workplace Management Systems with Nuvolo

Our customer is one of the largest health insurance companies in the U.S., serving more than 2 million people. With 3,000+ employees, their organization delivers programs through a network of thousands of doctors, healthcare providers, and hospitals.

When it was time to implement a new workplace management system, they chose Nuvolo Connected Workplace. Here’s why they made their decision—and how our integrated workplace management system (IWMS) solution is helping them streamline operations across their entire business.

A Tale of Too Many Systems

In 2018, the health plan provider had several workplace management systems running at once, causing some disruptive issues.

The Facilities Management team was using a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) provider, corporate was using ServiceNow for IT-related requests, and the Space Management team had its own separate system.

To keep information accurate across these platforms, they were following what they called the “swivel chair” process. In other words, someone would enter a ticket or request into one system before “swiveling” and entering it into another system. This led to a lot of unnecessary time and effort, all just to make sure data was accurate across platforms.

What’s more, in some cases, the Space Management team was still using email and spreadsheets to track workstations and handle move planning. That meant that communicating these updates to HR required yet another “swivel” where data was manually moved from one system to another, oftentimes resulting in errors.

In short, keeping key information organized and visible was far more cumbersome than it needed to be. Leaders at the organization soon realized they needed a better system, and shortly thereafter, their journey with Nuvolo began.

Why Nuvolo?

They realized they needed to consolidate several solutions into one. To meet their security requirements and properly connect multiple overlapping business functions, they were seeking an enterprise asset management system (EAM) that also included CMMS and space management capabilities.

That’s where Nuvolo came in.

Nuvolo Connected Workplace offers all of these features and is also built on the ServiceNow platform—which the health plan provider was already using for IT-related service requests and work order management. This made Nuvolo an optimal choice. Not only could it perform all the necessary functions, but it would also be much more seamless to implement compared to a solution not natively built on ServiceNow.

Now, after implementation, the organization is making the most of Nuvolo’s capabilities. Let’s take a look at what they’ve achieved so far and how they’re using the solution to plan for the future.

Space Utilization Data at Their Fingertips

Before the pandemic, the insurance provider was using space utilization and badge data sparingly. But now, thanks to the Nuvolo Space solution, they’ve been able to proactively use this data to begin aligning their real estate strategy to their overall business strategy.

One of the primary challenges for the Space Management team prior to the implementation of Nuvolo was simply understanding who was where, and when. This changed quite a bit during the pandemic as employees worked from home and some workspaces became vacant or underutilized. It became difficult to tell which spaces were needed most.

Now, Nuvolo makes it much simpler.

The Space solution tracks badge data and also offers a simple drag-and-drop feature with interactive floorplans for move management. The health plan provider can now view critical space utilization data and make modifications to workspace layouts within a single pane of glass. They were also able to add a “hybrid” worker type to the system, so they’re able to distinguish full-time office workers from those working at home part of the time.

In addition, since contractors no longer have permanent seats on campus, desk hoteling is becoming an important part of the health plan provider’s return-to-work strategy. In the fall of 2021, they plan to begin using the reservation feature of the Space solution, which will enable employees and contractors alike to book a workstation from their desktop or mobile device.

These added capabilities and enhanced visibility are already making a difference in day-to-day operations for the Space Management team and will eventually help them make key decisions about how to right-size their overall real estate portfolio.

Facilities Management Made Simple—And Visual

Their Facilities Management team also needed a system that could improve their asset tracking, streamline corrective and preventive maintenance, and help them organize all of their data into one convenient place.

Nuvolo’s Maintenance solution now helps them do all of that and more.

For example, the dashboard feature enables leaders to see all of their enterprise asset data at a glance with detailed charts and graphs. This helps them quickly and efficiently see what the department is doing and how it’s performing over time.

These improved data and reporting capabilities are enabling the team to better understand the total cost of ownership for each asset, which will allow them to execute asset lifecycle management more effectively.

Additionally, the organization is realizing improvements at the individual technician level. Technicians can now simply use their mobile devices to scan a barcode and see the entire history and context of that asset within the Nuvolo system. Plus, they’re leveraging the Rounds feature, which allows multiple related tasks for locations (e.g. rooms) or assets (e.g. fire extinguishers) to be combined into a single “round.” These—along with all other work orders—can be auto-generated and assigned to the appropriate technician at pre-scheduled intervals.

One System, Many Benefits

At a high level, Nuvolo Connected Workplace has helped bring this health plan provider simplicity where there was unnecessary complexity before. This is resulting in clarity, visibility, and efficiency—which ultimately means more time and cost savings across the organization.

With Nuvolo, our customer has consolidated their workplace management functions, so that they are now operating nearly entirely from one platform for all real estate- and facilities-related functions. They’ve been able to reduce duplicate work and errors while increasing user satisfaction. Plus, their IT team enjoys the existing connections with ServiceNow because it means they can spend less time creating new integrations.

In the future, they plan to improve adoption and data maturity across the organization, as well as looping in third-party vendors into the Nuvolo system.