A High Tech Government Agency Modernizes Data Center Management

A high-tech government agency responsible for keeping the public informed about weather patterns needed to upgrade their data center facilities and asset management program. Knowing their data center is the engine of the organization, they wanted to keep facilities standards high by upgrading from spreadsheets to a modern platform.   

They were already using ServiceNow’s IT Service Management (ITSM) platform to manage and protect their data center infrastructure. They recognized that Nuvolo, Built on NOW™, could extend the same exceptional service management practices to their data center facilities management. 

The Challenge 

They were using disparate spreadsheets to manage facilities assets and maintenance work orders across their 8 data centers. Manually combining information from different spreadsheets with different data fields made reporting extremely difficult and often inaccurate. 

They wanted to improve their work order process. Facility work order requests sometimes got lost in an email; other times, they weren’t included or updated in the spreadsheets. They had developed a preventive management strategy for critical facility assets; however, tracking the program’s effectiveness became unmanageable on spreadsheets.  

They also needed a better way to track work orders against assets; they wanted accurate service history and asset downtime reports. They knew that with better reporting, they would identify common asset problems across data centers, report against vendor maintenance contracts, and better understand asset maintenance costs over time. They wanted: 

  • A modern platform to track work orders that included a mobile application for field service technicians 
  • An easier way to track the lifecycle and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of facilities assets 
  • Efficient, accurate reporting across data centers, with comprehensive dashboards 

They needed a single source of data for operational technology assets and work orders. They needed Nuvolo. 

The Solution – Nuvolo Maintenance Management 

This government agency was already using ServiceNow’s ITSM platform to manage its data center IT assets and requests. They decided that the same exceptional service management standards should be implemented for facilities asset tracking and work order management. Having facilities data managed and tracked on the same platform as IT just made sense. One platform to bring all data center touchpoints together to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and reporting. 

They also knew that they could eventually expand Nuvolo into all their 350 facilities around the world.  The data centers, and the facilities gathering the data, could benefit from the same modern connected platform. 

The Transformation 

The agency deployed Nuvolo at three data center locations, focusing on mission-critical assets like access control equipment, electrical assets, fire suppression systems, and HVAC units. They updated inventory and automated preventative maintenance schedules for thousands of data center assets. 

Their digital facilities management transformation has benefited their employees, field technicians, and management alike. Employees submit a service request through Nuvolo’s online portal, while field technicians have access to, and capture, all work order information with our easy-to-use mobile application.   

The agency even imported floor maps of their data centers with asset locations, allowing technicians to pull up virtual maps for easy navigation.  They’ve also automated work order scheduling and routing for planned preventive maintenance, keeping emergency breakdowns and asset costs under control.   

Having information on one central platform gives them the modern, accurate reporting they’ve been looking for. They can track the complete lifecycle of an asset and report on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Vendor performance is easily measured by comparing work orders against Service Level Agreements.  Management dashboards are created to monitor assets and work orders, giving a top-level view of their data center facilities’ operations. 

This high-tech government agency understands that a data center must maintain high standards to assure the functionality of its hosted computer environment. Nuvolo and ServiceNow provide the platform that connects facilities and IT service management, allowing them to provide the highest level of integrity in their data center operations.   

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