Mar 08, 2021
By Tony Bailey
What's New?

Space Demand Forecasting (SDF) is Now Available as Part of the Space Solution


With the Latvia release, Space Demand Forecasting (SDF) strategic planning capabilities are now included, enabling your space planning teams to forecast future space needs.

SDF allows you to accurately forecast the amount of room required for your employees, facilities, and assets. It is an important component in maximizing profitability in your organization’s buildings. SDF also allows you to create yearly forecast surveys, delegate to departments, and collect and report on projections.

Our SDF capabilities consists of a space utilization data model that provides you with the framework for anticipating space requirements. The framework includes logic that stores information when your employees and devices scan into your building by integrating with sensor, badge swipe, and device scan location services. Learn more about badge and sensor integration here.

Visit Space solution page for more information about space demand forecasting.

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