Laboratory EAM 


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Leaders in life sciences, pharmaceutical, petrochemicals and other science-based industries understand the pressure to reduce risk, achieve compliance and improve financial and scientific outcomes. These pressures are compounded by a global trend to lower prices and expand product and service availability. Decelerating revenue growth, shorter product shelf lives and a more onerous and expensive regulatory environment require new strategies for prosperity and growth. 

A modern, cloud-based asset management platform is a foundational element for an optimized laboratory and scientific environment. 

Proper asset life-cycle management is essential for transformation, reduced risk and improved laboratory performance. 

The current climate for research and development demands an optimized laboratory environment in which people, assets, technology and science interact seamlessly. The foundation for these interactions is a modern asset management system and a single system of record for service requests across the enterprise. The common denominator for risk, revenue, compliance and meaningful scientific outcomes is properly managed and maintained laboratory and scientific equipment. Full life-cycle management can no longer be achieved using ERP, disparate platforms, legacy manufacturer-based technologies or paper-based processes. Enormous up-front research and development investment and the win-or-lose nature of government approvals demands a modern, cloud-based alternative to legacy solutions. There is no prize for second place. Nuvolo enables our laboratory customers to meet increasingly complex and demanding regulatory and compliance issues while ensuring the validity and accountability of research and development activities to achieve accelerated time to market and customer response times.

The Investment Gap 

There is a gap in understanding around the importance, liability and expense of laboratory and scientific equipment and the investment in modern platforms to manage this strategic asset class. Organizations spend millions of dollars on laboratory equipment and service contracts and then manage them with cumbersome ERP, paper or antiquated and disparate technologies. 

Legacy solutions for asset life-cycle management are complex, inefficient, expensive and create risk for the enterprise. 

The default alternative has historically been to outsource control to asset management organizations, insurance companies or the manufacturers themselves. The result is less visibility, reduced decision support and material third-party dependencies. As part of an industry-wide transformation, enterprises are leveraging the OEMs for service but retaining internal control and visibility of the asset base and operational data. Nuvolo facilitates the service relationship with the OEMs while providing the enterprise much needed control and visibility, especially when it comes to data.

An additional consequence of the investment gap is that legacy systems, processes and maintenance activities create unintended financial and brand risk for the organization. Risks are generally higher for regulated lab environments and manufacturers of consumer products. The investment requirements for lab equipment and scientific activity are enormous, and ensuring productive outcomes is essential. Proper asset management, compliance and service automation is achieved by closing the investment gap and adopting a new, modern platform for the laboratory and scientific environment. 

Solution providers also play a role in contributing to the investment gap. There are a limited number of platforms that are comprehensive in nature and easy to purchase, adopt and deploy. Nuvolo understands that closing the gap means providing laboratory customers a holistic solution that includes a modern platform, automation, regulatory and compliance support and a simple, mobile-friendly user experience to drive accelerated adoption and data capture.

Multi-Vendor Management 

Today’s multi-vendor laboratory environments are more diverse, inter-connected and complex than ever before. Modern laboratory and scientific instruments have advanced capability and require more stringent manufacturer-specified procedures for operation, planned maintenance, repair and support. With additional capability and complexity comes increased risk. Adoption of contemporary lab asset management platforms necessitates closing the investment gap. Nuvolo Enterprise Asset Management for the laboratory enables scientific organizations to operate in a more efficient, compliant and cost-effective service and asset life-cycle management model. 

Service means managing and automating vendor-neutral maintenance activities and full life-cycle asset tracking and management. True service automation also means management of related parts, consumables and supplies. These activities are taking place in an increasingly interconnected manner, where laboratory, IT and facilities asset records reside in a single platform. While the manufacturers provide multi-vendor services, their management solutions lack transparency, flexibility and capability. 

Nuvolo provides a single enterprise platform to manage these multi-vendor activities while providing a fully connected experience with dependent functions such as IT and facilities. 

Nuvolo Enterprise Asset Management for the laboratory is a modern replacement platform for legacy laboratory equipment maintenance solutions and disparate manufacturer-based technologies. The platform matters. Modern life-cycle asset management improves productivity, lowers cost and plays a role in addressing shrinking product shelf life, impact of generics, global price pressure and the need for organic top-line growth. The laboratory is the lifeblood for new product introduction and time to market. Compliance and true process integrity only take place when laboratory equipment is properly managed and maintained. Regulatory and compliance missteps resulting from laboratory equipment issues are time-consuming and expensive, and have potential long-term impact on company brand. Nuvolo helps customers practice risk avoidance and proactively manage these types of issues.