Laboratory EAM 

Solution Brief

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Laboratory Service Management Transformed.

Nuvolo is transforming service management by improving scientific outcomes and delivering better compliance with full life cycle management of mission-critical laboratory assets.

Technology plays an important role in the laboratory. Scientific outcomes are directly affected by the organization’s laboratory systems. It’s important to have the right assets, properly maintained and qualified when your scientists and research staff need them.

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

• Accurate Census & Density of Assets 

• Actionable Maintenance & Support Data 

• Fully Auditable Compliance Records 

• Critical Decision Support Information

Personalized User Experience

• Dashboards 

• Self-Service Portal 

• 360-Degree View 

• Role-Based Access

Modern, Cloud-Based Platform

• Click-to-Configure Architecture 

• Purpose-Built for Laboratory 

• Integration-Friendly 

• Security

Feature-Rich Capabilities

• Mobility 

• Customer Excellence 

• Process Standardization 

• Contract & Supplier Management

Real-Time Reporting & Analytics

Enabling successful lab equipment acquisition, implementation and good technical support is no longer enough for a modern lab environment. Today’s lab managers, working closely with procurement and facilities, need real-time visibility into device inventory, locations, utilization, availability, compliance and total cost of ownership. Our platform provides real-time operational and analytical data in whatever format you need on demand.

Accurate Census & Density of Assets 

An important first step for lab owners is establishing a structured and controlled point of ingress for all new and replacement equipment. With these controls in place, our Lab EAM application provides stakeholders with visibility to inventory, maintenance schedules, procedure checklists and utilization of devices. New capability is easily configured as lab service management requirements evolve or the regulatory environment changes.

Actionable Maintenance & Support Data 

Directors understand that proper operation of the lab goes beyond the science. Simply managing personnel, equipment and supplies can be a full-time job. The impact for the organization can be less compliance and more cost. Nuvolo Lab EAM ensures that equipment is safe and available for use or waiting for a required maintenance activity. Your Lab EAM portal also provides a simple method for requesting service throughout the enterprise. For lab managers, the portal is used to understand device history, work order status, and total cost of ownership and facilitate repair versus replace decisions.

Fully Auditable Compliance Records 

We understand that having data at your fingertips is important for reasons other than just everyday lab operations. Your compliance capabilities will inevitably be audited by the FDA or other regulatory bodies. Successfully managing the audit process means providing reporting, analytics and other critical data requested to prove your lab is compliant. Our EAM platform enables you to demonstrate that you have maintained, calibrated and qualified your tools and equipment as required. It is the proof that matters most. Without these capabilities, the lab is exposed to recurring, extended audits, disruption of scientific activity and substantial unplanned cost.

Critical Decision Support Information 

Having the right equipment properly installed and maintained is an important first step. Our platform also helps keep down costs, eliminate non-essential purchases and ensure less unfit-for-purpose equipment in your lab. Nuvolo is a data-driven platform and helps enable better, more informed decisions on manufacturers, maintenance contracts and services suppliers. Data, reporting and analytics provided by our platform help you determine the remaining useful life of devices, service history metrics, supplier performance and new equipment needs in support of your team’s scientific objectives.

Modern, Cloud-Based Platform

Too many lab leaders, researchers and scientists rely on antiquated lab asset management systems. Everyday solutions range from paper to on-premise ERP systems. The industry is held back by limited innovation, manufacturer-based systems and lots of disparate tools. Nuvolo provides a powerful, innovative, cloud-based platform that is mobilefriendly, fast, reliable and secure. Nuvolo is built on ServiceNow, the world’s leading enterprise cloud platform. Our lab customers benefit from a modern, consistent, secure, high-performance end-user service management experience.

Click-to-Configure Architecture 

Most of today’s lab asset management applications are inflexible and difficult to configure. A new field, form change or updated workflow is expensive, and takes the vendor forever. Nuvolo’s architecture makes custom application development a thing of the past. Built on the world’s leading cloud platform, we provide universal click-to-configure capability. Form changes, new fields, updated workflow, dashboard modifications or changes to reports can be completed in just a few minutes by properly authorized personnel. The result is a platform that easily evolves to meet your changing lab and regulatory needs.

Purpose-Built for Laboratory 

Nuvolo is not constrained by the limitations of legacy lab asset management systems. We are a platform, not an application. In the past, deploying a legacy application meant you were required to conform your processes to meet the limitations of the vendor. This is not the case with Nuvolo. We work closely with you and your team to understand what is important and ensure that our platform is configured accordingly, not the other way around.


Our platform integrates easily with other systems important to scientific, procurement, facilities and financial organizations. Common integrations include LIMS, compound or parts databases, RTLS, ERP, call center and analytics applications. Simple, rapid integration is a foundational capability in our platform.


Successful scientific collaboration is a global effort. Your lab asset management platform needs to be available and secure without compromising performance. Nuvolo, built on the world’s leading enterprise cloud platform and provides an unprecedented level of security without impacting user experience. Our role-based access control also determines who has access to what in the system all the way down to the field level. These platform security capabilities are leveraged today by thousands of enterprise customers globally.

Personalized User Experience

Successful adoption of a new lab asset management system requires better work order and compliance management. We provide a simple, personal service management experience for your laboratory staff. An intuitive user interface, mobile support, robust reporting and digital procedure checklists make work order and compliance management seamless. Nuvolo makes it easy to open and process work orders, order parts, check status, track costs, generate reports and complete everyday service management activities. A personal experience and better platform utilization means improved scientific outcomes, safer lab operations and lower costs.


Visual dashboards give you real-time visibility into your lab environment. Easily created for lab leadership, regulatory teams or individual technicians, dashboards provide important insight into everyday operations, work order queues, calibration and other maintenance or compliance commitments, priorities and escalations. You can utilize or share this information using any combination of visual elements, including lists, pie charts, bar graphs and meters. All representations can be easily exported and distributed with just a few clicks.

Self-Service Portal 

There is increasing pressure to deliver great science and spend less money. Support has been streamlined, outsourced or even eliminated. Higher productivity from new technology is expected to fill some gaps. Our self-service portal provides a simple process for service requests, status checking, accessing knowledge or viewing data and analytics from your dashboard. The portal is user-friendly company-branded and web-based and provides self-service capability from virtually any device. Users are able to submit work orders in seconds. The portal tracks work order status and allows employees to find solutions independently. The result is less time wasted on service management and more time spent on science.

360-Degree View 

Your key constituents include the scientific, procurement, regulatory, facilities, supply chain and finance teams. The manufacturers and service providers also play an important role in your ecosystem. Nuvolo enables informed decision support for both internal and external constituents. Our platform, together with integrations of key systems, provides a 360-degree view of your lab environment. This means past, current and future data regarding a lab asset, manufacturer or service provider is available when you need it in the required format.

Role-Based Access 

Your lab has important stakeholders with different vantage points into day-to-day operations. For strategic, regulatory and even intellectual property reasons, certain data should be available only to specific people or teams. Personalized user experiences and permissions are a core component of our role-based access control. An authorized administrator creates user roles with a specific level of visibility that determines who can see or use data, fields, reports and analytics in the system. These decisions are enabled in just a few minutes. Changes to permissions are easy and secure, and only an authorized administrator or manager can make them.

Feature-Rich Capabilities

A modern lab requires a feature-rich application, purpose-built to meet demanding service management and regulatory requirements. We have two decades of lab experience focused on better visibility, productivity and uptime. Our development team is organized to deliver rapid innovation and advanced capabilities to our lab customers. With a ServiceNow core, we prioritize our development on user experience, functionality, and technological innovation, which enables our lab customers to focus on science.


Mobility is a prerequisite for the team managing service activity and the life cycle of your lab equipment. Our lab customers can update work orders at the point of service because we provide access from any device, anywhere at any time. Then we go even further. Lab technicians can check out work orders, go offline, and complete service reports on their mobile device. Their updates are synced to the platform upon their next login. Our mobile application also comes with bar code scanning. This capability speeds up data entry, improves data and service quality and ensures that the correct lab asset is selected before performing work.

Customer Excellence 

Whether you are a metrology group leader, ISO or OEM customer care lead, providing great service is important. Having the right resources is a good start, but the technology you use matters. We let your team stay focused on science and not be distracted with maintaining lab equipment. Our lab EAM application provides dynamic technician routing and auto-escalation capabilities to ensure that the right person with the appropriate skill set is responsible for the resolution of each work order created. The platform also includes survey tools to process customer feedback and deliver on the promise of continuous service improvement.

Process Standardization 

Following manufacturer-specified procedures for maintenance is important in achieving an accurate scientific outcome and ensuring safety and compliance. Our digital procedure checklists outline step-by-step instructions for planned, corrective and compliance work orders. The result is process standardization and the development of your service team as a learning organization, able to convert unstructured data into detailed and well managed work instructions.

Contract & Supplier Management 

Our platform empowers your lab technicians with better work order management and visibility into service coverage, history and related costs. We also enable you to manage third-party suppliers and service providers in the same platform as your internal team. The goal is extended process standardization and better supplier management. You can also rate your suppliers and service providers and make decisions on whether to purchase service contract coverage or opt to replace existing devices. We enable better performance metrics and optimize the service experience for your scientific community.