Laboratory EAM 


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What is the scope of capabilities in the Laboratory solution? 

The Enterprise Asset Management for Laboratory application has extensive capabilities not only to track, manage and maintain your laboratory assets but also to perform space management, contract management, lease management and more. You get digital preflight checklists, guided lockout-tagout procedures, and intelligent work orders prepopulated with the latest electronic product manuals and work notes. The application is a comprehensive solution purpose-built to meet all your laboratory needs.

What support for floor maps does the solution provide? 

The Enterprise Asset Management for Laboratory application enables you to upload floor map images and then define their locations by drawing them directly on the map. You can then interact with these locations and originate work orders that show exactly where a particular asset is found. Laboratory call centers and technicians can also speed time to resolution by locating pin-dropped work orders based on the maps.

What geolocation capabilities does the solution include? 

The Enterprise Asset Management for Laboratory application includes out-of-the-box geolocation capabilities that enable automated work order assignment based on the latitude and longitude of the closest technician. This reduces time to dispatch and travel cost while providing a faster mean time to repair.

What metrics and reporting capabilities come with the solution? 

The application includes a comprehensive reporting and metrics module. The easy-to-use tool set includes pre-built reports, analytics and the capability to build custom reports. The reporting and analytics capability is flexible and extensible, so that it will provide significant incremental value to your organization.

Can I control who does or does not have access to the solution? 

Yes. The solution has comprehensive security and administrative access control based on roles with specific privileges. Out of the box, the defined roles include technicians, managers, procurement, contract management and end users. Additional roles can be configured and set up based on your exact requirements.

Does the solution replace my Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)? 

Yes. The Enterprise Asset Management for Laboratory application is designed to enable you to replace your legacy client-server or hosted CMMS solutions. For many laboratory systems, there are multiple CMMS or homegrown solutions in place. Nuvolo provides the opportunity to consolidate all legacy applications onto a single, centralized platform and retire legacy solutions.

What resources are available to help me move from my old laboratory management systems? 

In addition to developing and supporting the laboratory application, Nuvolo provides consulting and integration services focused on migrating our laboratory customers from legacy CMMS and other solutions to our application. A key element of the presales process includes providing our customers a personalized statement of work that specifies how long the migration will take, what resources are required and how much it will cost. Nuvolo will then provide the resources to execute and deliver the agreed upon statement of work.

Can I export and retain my legacy service history and other data into the Laboratory solution? 

Yes. All required legacy data and service history can be exported from your legacy solutions and tools into our application. You can retain as much or as little as you need for regulatory or compliance purposes.

What is the difference between Nuvolo and ServiceNow laboratory capabilities? 

ServiceNow gives you the capability to perform service requests from a self-service portal. Nuvolo’s laboratory capabilities are more extensive, including a native mobile application for offline laboratory work order management; work order scheduling for all types of work, including preventative maintenance; parts and devices asset inventories; automated invoice forms; floor mapping with pin-drop work order management; space management; and a long list of additional capabilities.

Do I have to be a ServiceNow ITSM customer in order to use the Laboratory solution? 

No. The Enterprise Asset Management for Laboratory application is available as a standalone solution and does not require ServiceNow ITSM to be in place. The application does require the appropriate number of ServiceNow licenses, typically equivalent to the size of the Laboratory Support Team.