Aug 03, 2021
By Sarah Czarnowski
Solution Overviews

Nuvolo OT Security with Industry-Leading Standards Developed With Mayo Clinic

Solution Overview

The healthcare industry constantly focuses on patient safety and positive outcomes. To support this, your healthcare technology management (HTM) team must ensure the safe and smooth operation of network connected, non-IT medical devices along with healthcare facilities systems. However, when it comes to security, your devices have complex systems that require specialized work during the entire lifecycle from onboarding, to performing ongoing patch and vulnerability management.

Nuvolo OT Security with industry-leading standards leverages a standardized process developed by Mayo Clinic for the implementation of device security procedures. The process is part of a security framework is based on National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) standards. These security standards are comprised of a template of activities that are applied as part of a secure device lifecycle management.

When a security threat, vulnerability or exploit occurs, rapid remediation is achieved leveraging a common data model for matching, contextualization, and cyber security event correlation. The process of creating a standard medical device data model enables the technology to perform to expectations.

Automated Response for Rapid Remediation

This proactive approach adds significant value to the orchestrated and automated response for the rapid remediation of devices affected by security events. Nuvolo OT Security with industry-leading standards solution together provides a simple, achievable, and operational security solution for your healthcare organization.



Benefits of Nuvolo OT Security with Industry-Leading Standards

  • Achieve secure onboarding and ongoing lifecycle management of your medical devices and healthcare facilities systems to reduce risk to patient safety and ensure accessibility and availability
  • Facilitates the secure network onboarding of connected medical devices by operational support teams to meet organizational security requirements
  • Meet executive requirements with detailed reporting on device risk assessment, threat mitigation status and security posture
  • Help ensure the accessibility and availability of medical devices and healthcare facilities systems by leveraging tried and tested security standards
  • Reduce the risk to reputation and exposure to legal liabilities from compromised and uncorrected devices


What our customers are saying

Our HTM team is under constant pressure to ensure the safety of our network connected medical devices. With hundreds of devices to support we get a leg up knowing that Nuvolo OT Security for healthcare powered by industry-leading standards are working together to help us securely onboard and then manage our network connected medical devices and healthcare OT for their entire lifecycle.”

No level of investment offers us 100% protection for our medical devices. With Nuvolo OT Security for healthcare powered by industry-leading standards we can close the gap as much as possible by ensuring that we can understand and mitigate risks to device safety, accessibility and availability.”


More About the Key Capabilities

Nuvolo OT Security with industry-leading standards include the following capabilities that are required for the end-to-end secure lifecycle management of your medical devices and healthcare facilities systems:

  • Equipment security management- From security assessment to disposition within your organization provides the ability to record and track asset detail, including model specific security risks and remediation procedures.
  • Vulnerability management- Includes the ability to track vendor follow-up relating to specific disclosure notifications or alerts. In addition, it includes an engine to drive remediation efforts related to your connected medical device fleet.
  • Risk remediation plans- providing a summary of risks and roadmap of suggested controls to secure complex and variable devices. The profiles have been developed while considering sensitivities related to the proprietary nature of devices and industry regulatory requirements.
  • Medical Device Security Workflow Management- The healthcare standards include asset-specific risk remediation assignment and tracking features and provides the same look and feel as the standard enterprise asset management workflows via the Nuvolo Connected Workplace
  • Third-Party Integration- Integrating and capitalizing on best-in-class risk management and automated asset identification tools. Explore the list of Nuvolo technology collaboration businesses.
  • Reporting- Customizable dashboard security metrics encompassing the entire lifecycle of your connected medical device fleet. These reports can be crafted to be shared from the C-Suite to operational service teams.

To learn more, download the full ebook or check out a Nuvolo OT Security walkthrough.