May 20, 2021
By Tony Bailey
What's New?

Nuvolo OT Security Increases Device Context Accuracy

Nuvolo OT Security now enables device technicians to more efficiently update details of discovered devices when the devices are connected to the network. This improves the accuracy of device details and is critically important when security events or vulnerabilities impact a device.

When a security event or vulnerability is identified, it’s critical to have accurate context about affected devices. Without this context, the response and remediation steps may negatively impact device operation and potentially affect device safety or availability.

However, when devices are identified by a third-party partner using a non-trusted identifier such as a hostname or IP Address, inefficiencies may be introduced in properly updating the data. Allowing your technician to synchronize changed data with a single user action verifies the accuracy of device metadata as well as the speed with which it is applied. This ensures the integrity of the device data and accuracy of association with asset vulnerabilities and security events.

Nuvolo OT Security now includes the ability for your technicians to easily update an asset after verification, when the asset is identified by a nontrusted identifier. This capability can help enable fast responses to ensure device safety and availability.

Visit the Nuvolo OT Security page for more information.

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