May 17, 2021
By Heidi Horn
What's New?

Nuvolo Now Integrates With ECRI

As part of our Maintenance solution, Clinical Asset Management now includes integration with the Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI) to provide the ECRI Standardization for Maintenance. This integration enables clinical maintenance teams to ensure accurate and consistent data on medical device make, model, and manufacturer information across the organization.

ECRI is the most trusted voice in healthcare and provides clients with standardization services to improve their medical device inventory quality and consistency.

When managing maintenance records, ensuring accurate and consistent information about medical device make, model, and manufacturer information across the organization is critical for device safety, accessibility, and availability. Without common device data formats and normalized data, the effectiveness of maintenance programs can be difficult to measure.

By partnering with ECRI, we’ve added to the capabilities of our Maintenance solution. The new feature includes a management tool to provide you a clear step-by-step approach to assist in setting up and enabling your integration with ECRI. In addition, Nuvolo has created administrative tools to ensure visibility and insight into a traditional backend process to empower you with management full control.

Once enabled, the ECRI standardization integration will constantly look at new devices as your organization grows, continue to validate on existing devices. This ensures your organization always has the highest quality information it needs to operate smoothly.

This approach ensures that medical device data can regularly be checked and classified according to the ECRI device data classifications.

To learn more about the ECRI integration read the full solution overview.