Aug 18, 2021
By Leslie O'Connell
Solution Overviews

Helping to Fix and Maintain Our Nation’s Infrastructure

The Nuvolo Difference for EAM, Capital Projects, and Industrial Asset Security

The Biden administration’s infrastructure bill aims to fund significant projects across the United States. It spans public transit, water, power, internet, and highway systems—creating new opportunities to improve our nation’s infrastructure.

But how do city, state, and county officials prioritize and keep track of these complex projects? And once the work is completed, how do officials ensure continuous infrastructure monitoring and maintenance?

Nuvolo Connected Workplace offers one of the industry’s most flexible capital project management solutions, unifying construction costs tied to federal dollars.

But it doesn’t stop there.

The data captured during your construction projects can then be used to continually maintain your assets and infrastructure.

Manage Your Projects, Assets, Facilities, and Work for Infrastructure Readiness

The bill presents an opportunity—really, an obligation—for infrastructure building and facilities owners to properly manage new projects and upgrades, and to track, maintain, and analyze ongoing maintenance.

Tackling America’s infrastructure upgrades requires project management, cost controls, critical asset management, hyper-controlled maintenance management, along with preventive and predictive analytics.

Get Organized… Stay Connected

City, state, and county officials can expect greater scrutiny of their infrastructure upgrades from their communities’ residents and the federal government.

Nuvolo is designed for transparency.  A robust capital projects solution on a modern asset and facilities management platform means better infrastructure management reporting and accountability.

We’re a trusted software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform for government agencies. We’re built on ServiceNOW™, so you can easily integrate across business areas.

Here are all our solutions, built on one platform for consistency across all your infrastructure projects:



How Our Solutions Support the Infrastructure Bill

The new bill includes billions of dollars to upgrade the following types of infrastructure:

  • Roads, bridges, and major projects: $110 billion
  • Passenger and freight rail: $66 billion
  • Water infrastructure: $55 billion
  • Power grid: $73 billion
  • Public transit: $39.2 billion
  • Electric vehicle infrastructure: $7.5 billion
  • Reconnect communities: $1 billion

Several solutions on the Nuvolo platform can bring together your projects to best utilize these funds. Keep in mind, the data captured in one solution is leveraged in all the others. It’s one platform, and one database of information.


Run your infrastructure projects using the Connected Workplace platform. Get real-time reporting that helps you stay on top of every project detail so you can be sure jobs are getting done on time and within budget.

You can track and analyze any infrastructure project all from one platform, including:

  • A vendor portal for bidding & auction support
  • Project dashboards with financial and schedule baselines
  • Reports and GANTT charts for total visibility of every project

Learn more about Nuvolo Capital Project Management:



Maintenance, Including Robust Asset Management

Infrastructure maintenance teams support a contrasting collection of newer smart buildings and facilities, along with an aging portfolio of structures, physical plants, and assets. The portfolio is also becoming increasingly complex, with more intelligent and Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices and equipment.

Our maintenance solution digitally transforms infrastructure operations by centrally managing all work orders, assets, and maintenance activity on one Connected Workplace platform, making it easier to manage complex portfolios.

You can automate your work order management, schedule and auto-assign preventative maintenance, ensure accurate asset inventory, unlock advanced reporting, create checklists for equipment inspections, manage parts inventory, conduct facility assessments, manage vendors, track equipment warranties, and much more.

Watch this full product demonstration and see how Nuvolo Maintenance can transform your infrastructure operations.


Field Service Management

The Connected Workplace makes it easier to perform maintenance work on your infrastructure and assets. For example, you can auto-route work orders to the right technicians and schedule preventative or corrective maintenance on your equipment.

Plus, technicians and engineers can connect directly from their mobile devices, so they can update equipment and work order information while they’re in the field.

When you have a more data-driven maintenance schedule, you can better manage your critical infrastructure—increasing its longevity and helping prevent major breakdowns or issues in the future.

Watch how technicians work better with a robust mobile app.



OT Security

As more devices become network-connected, it is increasingly important to secure them from cyber-attacks—otherwise, equipment is left vulnerable to hackers or shutdowns. This includes network-connected infrastructure such as HVAC systems, fuel pipelines, cameras, and sensors.

Connected Workplace provides the visibility and capabilities needed to identify and address cyber threats quickly and accurately. With automated workflows, we expedite your cybersecurity response, ensuring your devices are safe at all times.

Find out how Nuvolo OT Security works to protect connected infrastructure assets:




One of the most valuable advantages of the connected platform is analytics. All the data captured on Nuvolo’s one-platform solution transforms and enhances your preventive and predictive maintenance program.

Use the data to create dashboards and spot failure trends, identify problem equipment, accurately forecast new equipment purchases, track labor utilization, and efficiently manage technician resources. Or analyze equipment lifecycles, reconcile work orders against actual service performed, track service levels, and monitor contract to spend ratios.

Learn more about how the power of the Connected Workplace ensures infrastructure integrity, contact us to schedule a consultation.