Aug 03, 2021
By Lisa Laczynski

Eurofins Partners with Nuvolo to Streamline and Manage Asset Inventory Data

August 03, 2021Luxembourg: Eurofins has selected Nuvolo Connected Workplace for its Asset management project.

As one of the largest life sciences companies, Eurofins helps organizations perform lab testing across its global laboratories. Nuvolo Connected Workplace will provide a single enterprise cloud platform to manage laboratory assets for all Eurofins entities worldwide.

With Nuvolo, Eurofins will be able to store asset inventory data for its global laboratory network in one centralized data repository. This provides users and administrators with real-time insights into the available assets, allowing them to report and analyze the data for operational and compliance purposes.

After the initial asset onboarding, Eurofins intends to connect other business-related services to help its employees work more efficiently. With Nuvolo Connected Workplace, Eurofins can see equipment maintenance history and availability, allowing them to get a complete view on utilization, validation status, calibration, and security. These insights help sustain a compliant environment, minimizing risks and reducing the amount of downtime.

Learn more about Connected Workplace for Life Sciences here.