May 17, 2021
By Kate Camerlin
Solution Overviews

ECRI Standardization for Clinical Asset Management

Standardize your device data automatically and connect your Nuvolo CMMS directly to ECRI

As a healthcare technology management (HTM) professional, you’re responsible for the accuracy of your medical device inventory. But as you already know, ensuring that your CMMS inventory data is up-to-date and correct—based on standardized nomenclature—is much easier said than done. Having inconsistent naming conventions and data fields can make device recall management more difficult, lead to confusion or errors when servicing equipment and running reports, and even negatively affect your OT security program.

ECRI Standardization for Nuvolo automates the process of keeping your inventory data standardized and up-to-date, giving you significant time back to work on other things.

Here’s How It Works

When you implement ECRI Standardization for Nuvolo, your Nuvolo CMMS connects directly to ECRI, allowing you to send your asset data to ECRI. ECRI then analyzes the data to verify it uses the industry-approved model name and number, manufacturer, and more. This ensures that you have the right information for each medical device you own, reducing the possibility of errors and confusion.

As you acquire new equipment, your Nuvolo CMMS can automatically scan your equipment inventory and send new assets to ECRI to ensure your data remains accurate.

Some Key Benefits

  • Ability to batch upload equipment inventory data directly from Nuvolo to ECRI
  • Automated data standardization from ECRI, saving you time and effort while ensuring the integrity of your data
  • Continuous automatic uploads to ECRI: As you add new equipment or there are updates to your inventory, Nuvolo sends the corresponding data to ECRI for clean up


With the ECRI Standardization for Nuvolo, you can easily keep your equipment inventory accurate and current. Interested in learning more? Reach out to our team.