Feb 05, 2021
By Lisa Laczynski

The Top 5 Things to Know About Enterprise Asset Management Solutions

Did you know that there are efficient, intuitive, and intelligent solutions out there that can make enterprise asset management (EAM) more seamless?

In today’s article, we’re diving deep into explaining enterprise asset management solutions that can change the way you think about EAM. We’ll share the top 5 things we think every company needs to know about high-quality EAM software.

The Basics: What Exactly Is Enterprise Asset Management?

Enterprise asset management is the unique, business-specific combination of software, services, tools, and processes employed by people, managers, and companies in an effort to maintain the control, health, and safety of a company’s assets.

What exactly are we referring to when we say company assets? Any physical equipment that needs to be maintained in order to keep the business running. Anything from heating and cooling units to critical medical devices.

Enterprise asset management is the way companies keep track of and maintain their devices and equipment.

Why Enterprise Asset Management Solutions Are a Must For Your Business

First, we’ll give you the short answer: enterprise asset management (and the solutions employed to make that management happen) are important because, without them, everything would be chaos.

Think about it—if companies didn’t have specific systems for tracking, maintaining, and monitoring their physical assets, how could anything possibly run smoothly? This is especially true for larger companies or even smaller companies with a lot of assets—the more assets you have to your business’ name, the more vital a good system is.

Now, here’s the longer answer.

Enterprise asset management is one of the driving forces behind the health and wellness of a business, especially in terms of a company’s basic functions. With specific solutions, businesses can better monitor their safety and environmental initiatives; track and enforce compliance regulations; manage maintenance schedules; increase productivity; reduce operating costs; and importantly, ensure that all of their assets are being put to their best use.

Though some companies come up with their own custom, perhaps haphazard systems for tracking their assets, other companies opt for comprehensive software solutions.

EAM software solutions can offer benefits like:

  • Consolidation—imagine keeping all of your asset information in one, single place
  • Cohesion—software typically lets companies track and monitor using smart technology for a cohesive picture of all their assets
  • Prevention—when things are tracked in one place, companies can typically predict and prevent asset performance management problems before they even happen
  • Optimization—software can often revolutionize your old, less efficient ways of tracking assets

Of course, that’s certainly not the end of the list of advantages. Choosing the right EAM software can go hand-in-hand with so many additional benefits.

The Top 5 Things to Know About EAM Software

It’s important to recognize that, while there are several EAM software solutions on the market, they won’t all be created equally.

Many will have features that overlap, but only high-quality solutions will be able to solve your asset maintenance management issues and provide you with services like asset lifecycle management, maintenance planning, work orders, analytics, inventory management, supply chain management, project management, and more.

Though there are many advantages that the right EAM software can bring you, we want to make sure we’re sharing the top 5 things you absolutely need to know about enterprise asset management solutions.

It’s Easier to Maximize Your Return on Your Assets

Looking to improve your operational efficiency? EAM software is one way to go about it. Implementing a uniform, intuitive system for tracking, maintenance, and management can be a godsend for your assets and infrastructure. Not only will it help you better understand where and why past issues have occurred, but you’ll also be able to develop your own, unique asset management best practices. This will be especially helpful when it comes time to make big financial decisions about the company’s assets, like when to replace them and how to monitor their maximum life cycles.

You Can Reduce Costs & Mitigate Risks

With a more efficient and smarter system, you’ll be able to track your assets’ health and life cycles more closely and much more accurately. In turn, you’ll be able to keep up with preventive maintenance routines in order to be more cost-effective (because impromptu maintenance can be quite expensive). With standardized schedules, you eliminate much of the risk that comes with last-minute, enormous maintenance tasks—making it a solid improvement on your daily asset reliability. And in turn, you’re able to extend your assets’ lifecycles, too.

You’ll Be Able to Make Data-Driven, Informed Decisions About Your Assets

Software is synonymous with technology, and modern technology is basically synonymous with data. With an enterprise asset management software solution, you’ll have immediate access to all of your asset data, compliance requirements, and maintenance information. You’ll be able to save time, labor, and costs by being able to access this type of data with a few clicks, meaning that data will be at your fingertips whenever you need it—ensuring your decision-making process is more efficient and informed than ever.

You Can Increase Your Uptime & Improve Productivity

High-quality EAM software (like we discussed earlier) will come with built-in features that can help you to increase your efficiency and improve your productivity. With comprehensive reporting capabilities that help you monitor key performance indicators (like response times, maintenance costs, and weekly maintenance workloads), you’re better able to stay on top of project management, identify roadblocks before they happen, and consult data to improve your efficiency.

Collaboration Will Be More Seamless Than Ever

Attempting to collaborate on asset management solutions in traditional styles can be complicated—with seamless software, it’s simpler than ever. The perfect-for-you EAM software will likely include functionality that helps to eliminate the back-and-forth between different departments in your company, ensuring that collaboration and implementation are easier than ever.

Nuvolo: Your Go-To Asset Management Software Partner

Picking the perfect EAM software isn’t always easy—but with Nuvolo, it can be. We’re proud to provide enterprise businesses like yours with the must-have, go-to solutions that can ensure optimized asset management, intuitive platforms that don’t overcomplicate your process, and of course, cost-effective solutions that just make sense for your needs.

We highly recommend taking a peek at our site to get a better idea of what our solutions are all about. Check out our products, or services, and how our asset management enterprise solutions can transform the way your company manages and tracks assets.

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