May 16, 2024
By Oliver Ridgwell

Beyond the 3D: How BIM Data Empowers Smarter Capital Planning

Many are familiar with BIM (Building Information Modeling) for its impressive 3D visualizations. But the real power of BIM goes far deeper than aesthetics. It’s all about the data.

BIM isn’t just a fancy 3D model – it’s a rich database. It stores crucial information about a building’s assets, including specifications, O&M manuals, and even cost details. This data is incredibly valuable not just during design and construction, but throughout a building’s entire lifecycle – especially for capital planners.

Here’s why:

  • From Construction to Operation: Traditionally, BIM is used extensively during a building’s design and construction. But the data doesn’t become obsolete once the building is complete. By receiving the BIM model (and its data) upon handover, capital planners gain a goldmine of information for future use.
  • Understanding Lifecycle Costs: Around 80% of a building’s cost occurs during its operational phase, not during construction. BIM data empowers capital planners to understand and manage these ongoing expenses.
  • Predictive Maintenance and Cost Smoothing: By analyzing BIM data on various assets, planners can anticipate future maintenance needs and replacement schedules. This allows for proactive planning, preventing costly surprises and smoothing out maintenance expenditures over time.

Instead of facing sudden spikes in spending, capital planners can leverage BIM data to create a more predictable budget throughout the building’s lifespan.

The Takeaway

BIM offers significant advantages beyond 3D visuals. Its data-rich nature empowers capital planners to make informed decisions about a building’s operational costs, ensuring smoother budgeting and optimized resource allocation throughout the entire lifecycle.

Unlock the Full Potential of BIM for Smarter Capital Planning

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