Aug 17, 2021
By Leslie O'Connell
What's New?

What’s New in Space – August 2021

Making desk or room reservations is now fast and easy because of a new and more intuitive user experience. Recently reserved locations are saved and reservable space searches are streamlined, letting you reserve a space faster and with fewer button clicks.

You can specify default preferences, including:

  • Loading a floor plan when viewing a space
  • Setting the number of recently reserved locations you prefer to see
  • Displaying default capacity, room layout, and space amenities of the reservable locations

The Norway release also introduces a Microsoft® Office 365 integration that bi-directionally synchronizes ‘Nuvolo Location’ reservations with ‘Office Room Resource’ appointments/meetings – allowing the flexibility to reserve and see open spaces in Nuvolo or Outlook with real-time updates.  In addition, reservations are now made in the location’s parent site time zone.

Other updates include additional enhancements to reservation forms, display and screen options, OmniSearch for Schedule and Card Views, and more.



Stack planning is a visualization and management tool for every building and every floor of that building. Each floor’s specific capacity data shows which groups occupy what spaces, where the open spaces are, and overall space capacity.

Below is an example of a stack. This is a visual representation of buildings, floors within buildings, and departments within floors. This stack plan shows building floor occupancy capacity and how much space a given department takes up on each floor.

From here, space planners can easily:       

  • Move teams across floors and buildings in minutes and maximize space in their real estate portfolio.
  • Quickly reorganize team locations to create strategic department alignments.
  • Create employee growth scenarios to see how much future space is needed to stay ahead of space allocation requirements.

It’s like solving a puzzle; clients have the pieces to understand and strategically plan the building and floor space they need now or in, let’s say, two years. Then, they can use the virtual tools to create an agile, collaborative workplace and determine if they can consolidate or need to expand their real estate portfolio.



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