The Age of Digitization: Reimagining GxP and Non-GxP Asset Management

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Life sciences companies are digitizing and integrating their processes more than ever, but many of the core systems used to manage assets and their maintenance—like ERPs, EAMs, IWMSs, MESs, and LIMSs—remain siloed by department and continue to rely on manual processes to operate.

By consolidating many of these functions onto one platform, there are opportunities to better manage both GxP and non-GxP assets, reduce unplanned downtime, lower maintenance costs, and bring quality closer to the manufacturing process.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The benefits of moving away from disparate systems and spreadsheets to manage operations
  • How to consolidate GMP manufacturing asset management and non-GMP facilities departments together on one platform
  • How the Connected Workplace for Life Sciences delivers a next-generation workplace experience for GMP
  • How to support the full lifecycle of assets, calibration, preventative maintenance, and vendor management
  • How Nuvolo collaborates with the industry to bring new innovations to reality
  • The digital alignment of manufacturing and quality

Ethan Smith

General Manager, Life Sciences Nuvolo

Lorraine Mathis

Associate Director, Global Facilities Operations Vertex Pharmaceuticals