Response and Remediation of Medical Device and Facilities Security Events

Originally part of TechNation "Webinar Wednesday"

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In this 60-minute webinar, our experts focus on why Operational Technology security’s top priority is response and remediation using an intelligence hub made up of device information such as the device owner’s name, what the device is used for, its location, and security monitoring information. They will cover how this intelligence hub works with your workplace management system to dispatch and track the response across potentially hundreds of devices. It is critical to know everything you can about your medical devices and facilities systems. That’s because if a security exploit impacts a device, you need to quickly coordinate to dispatch the right person with the right remediation steps.

Presented by:

  • Keith Whitby, Section Head Healthcare Technology Management, Cybersecurity and Operations of Mayo Clinic
  • Tony Bailey, Director of Product Marketing OT Security of Nuvolo
  • Benjamin Stock, Director of Healthcare Product Management, Ordr