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Getting Real About Real Estate in North America with Tod Lickerman, CEO of Cresa

The latest episode of Connected Conversation is out now with Tod Lickerman, CEO of Cresa. In this episode, Tod joins Bob Mostachetti to breakdown everything going on in the world of commercial real estate to cover a ton of topics including:

  • How e-commerce has driven massive demand for warehouses and distribution centers
  • The asset bubble created in the office space market due to cheap capital and high demand
  • The financial crunch many landlords are experiencing due to the inability to refinance their debt or find new tenants
  • The rise in remote work and hybrid models following the pandemic
  • The need to optimize and rework spaces for the changing needs of people in the office

Tod does an incredible job of peeling back all the layers of what’s going on with the current real estate market, and we couldn’t be more excited to share this episode!



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