UT Tyler Simplifies Campus Facilities Operations

The University of Texas at Tyler (UT Tyler) is a public research university with roughly 10,000 students.

During a change in leadership, UT Tyler realized that its needs weren’t being met with its old workplace management solution. With more than 40 facilities across a 320-acre campus, they needed a more efficient way to track and manage preventative maintenance, work orders, and vendor management.

The new leadership recommended that the management staff find a new solution, and after weighing numerous competitors, they turned to Nuvolo.

Improving Processes at Every Turn

With a large network of facilities, keeping up with preventative maintenance for all of the university’s assets was a challenge. The campus is divided into “zones,” and maintenance staff are each assigned to specific zones.

By using the Work Order Management capability in Nuvolo’s Facilities Maintenance product, management is now able to schedule and automate preventative work orders for each zone and can see what is being done and where.

This had led to greater efficiency and cost savings in their maintenance operations.

“If we were not doing preventive maintenance (with Nuvolo), we would be spending a lot more money in the long run replacing and repairing equipment,” said one of UT Tyler’s energy managers, who is also responsible for overseeing the work order system.

Faculty, staff, and students are also able to submit work orders through the same system, automatically routing them to the correct technician.

These innovations have freed up additional time and resources across the maintenance team.

“Our technicians are now spending less time on the computer side of things,” the manager explained.

Nuvolo has also helped the university better manage third-party service providers with the Vendor Management capability.

“We contract out our custodial services on campus. Any type of custodial request (now) goes through Nuvolo. (This includes) carpets cleaned, trash cans emptied, etcetera,” the manager explained. “I can track performance of the contractors, how quickly they turned around a request, and (if) there were any complaints.”

In addition, UT Tyler is able to use Nuvolo to track key metrics. At the end of each fiscal year, the manager’s team is required to report on total work orders and how fast they were processed. The Reporting capability (available in all Nuvolo products) allows them to tally and visualize this information with ease.

Furthermore, the university has used Nuvolo to overhaul its key request system, making it much easier to assign keys during new hires and space moves.

What’s Next?

UTT recently renewed its contract with Nuvolo for another year and is planning to bring on the Space product soon. This will allow them to track space moves, report on key space-related metrics, and add greater efficiency to their space operations across campus.