Government Humanitarian Aid Organization Optimizes Inventory Management

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A premier governmental organization that delivers humanitarian assistance across the globe needed a tool that could accurately track their massive warehouse inventory and other data crucial to their operations.

The organization operates 24/7 in a global leadership role, delivering humanitarian assistance and life-sustaining supplies to countries facing severe conditions resulting from economic stress, famine, weather, pandemics, violence and other security threats. Throughout its history, the organization’s employees and network of contractors and suppliers have moved millions of tons of goods across the globe to populations in need.

But with multiple offices in various locations, they were having trouble tracking and measuring total costs and conducting key analyses. Each office was separately collecting data on their stockpiled inventories, shipping costs, and other key metrics, storing all of this important information in different systems.

This disparate data wasn’t just an annoyance—it was costing them money and time. For example, the organization’s inability to accurately track delivery timeframes was delaying the movement of supplies. Shipment response times needed to be around 2.5 weeks but had been taking up to 3 months instead. And of course, when dealing with humanitarian aid, speed of delivery can make a major difference.

The organization needed a solution that provided a single view into all of their data so they could better manage resources, monitor delivery timeframes, and improve their overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness. This solution also needed to be scalable and customizable for their operating environment.

After trying several other solutions without success, the organization turned to Nuvolo and an implementation services partner to meet these critical needs.

Out with the Old, In with Nuvolo

Since implementing Nuvolo, the organization has been able to easily track:

  • What supplies have been allocated to specific programs
  • How long supplies have been stockpiled
  • Shelf lives of stored items
  • The condition of each item

Plus, they now have instantaneous visibility into real-time inventory data. Instead of manually transcribing the data, as they did previously, all warehouse contractors can now enter it directly into Nuvolo—which means that everyone always has access to up-to-the-minute inventory information.

And although shipping items across the world is a complex mission, the Nuvolo team quickly developed a deep understanding of the organization’s operations and has been proactive in providing support to meet tight schedules.

For instance, when given notice on a Thursday of a quick response effort to upgrade the organization’s ServiceNow version the following week, Nuvolo jumped into action, updating the Nuvolo release version by Monday and allowing the ServiceNow upgrade to meet the schedule requirement.

With these new capabilities and timely support, representatives from the organization said that Nuvolo is enabling better outcomes for their beneficiaries and helping to get “the right food to the right people at the right time.”

Continuing to Innovate

The organization has a long track record of success supporting global humanitarian assistance efforts, and with Nuvolo, they’re going to be able to achieve even more.

Using this new solution, they indicated, will help them be more creative in how they execute their operations. They’ll be able to identify efficiencies and refine processes to deliver better aid to more people more effectively than ever before.