Medical Device Cyber Security

Identify and Remediate Threats Against Your Medical Device Fleet


Proactively Identify Affected Devices

Nuvolo empowers you to take a population health management approach to cyber security by correlating risk areas and proactively identifying vulnerable connected devices.  

Our platform is your single system of record for rich, contextual insight into your medical devices. We correlate newly discovered vulnerabilities against the entire medical device fleet and proactively initiate work activities in advance of vulnerabilities being exploited.


Understand and Address Threats

Knowing you are at risk is not enough. Medical device cyber security is a team effort. Nuvolo helps facilitate collaboration across your clinical engineering, IT and security teams. This collaborative effort ensures 360° threat visibility and a fully integrated remediation response.    

By delivering process and technology integration across functions, the IT and security operations team have much needed visibility into corrective maintenance work activities underway to address threats. Everyone has visibility into remediation progress and timeline.

monITORING & Iot security

Real Time Threat and Vulnerability Response

First hour response to a cyber security threat is critical to ensure the lowest risk outcome. Bi-directional platform and process integration between clinical engineering and security operations is the key to rapid threat mitigation.

Integration provides security operations with rich contextual medical device data. Once identification, matching and prioritization takes place, our platform automatically initiates remediation work activities and systematically updates security operations in a seamless closed-loop process.


Our Integration Partners

We partner with best-in-class vulnerability management, scanning, monitoring and
IoT security companies

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Capture Data, Learn and Improve

You will come under cyber security attack if you have not already.  What matters most is preparation. We provide you the opportunity to plan ahead and respond thoughtfully.

Our platform captures every step in the security incident workflow from discovery to remediation.  All activities are time and date stamped, producing a rich, contextualized audit trail.

This audit trail provides you the ability to perform a forensic analysis and assess organizational response, provide feedback, refine processes and create a culture of constant improvement for connected medical device cyber security.

Simple, User Friendly Mobile Experience

Remediation Made Simple & Efficient

Time is not on your side when facing the clear and present danger of an active threat or vulnerability.  Antiquated CMMS and legacy processes risk further threat propagation and limited response options.

Our simple, user-friendly mobile application gives the clinical engineering team, managed service provider or OEM a point-of-service capability on virtually any device to quickly mitigate threats.  The goal is to get your service management team focused on fixing the problem immediately.


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