Device Security

Protect your network connected medical devices with a single trusted data source that integrates with device discovery and monitoring tools you already have in place.

Implement Industry Best Practice

We are leveraging a library of Industry-Leading Standards developed by Mayo Clinic
to provide you with an end-to-end device lifecycle solution.

    Device Lifecycle

    Achieve secure onboarding and ongoing lifecycle management of devices and meet the requirements of IT teams for securely adding devices to the network

    and Availability

    Help ensure the accessibility and availability of medical devices by leveraging tried and tested security lifecycle profiles and remediation plans


    Reduce the risk to patient safety and your reputation with detailed reporting on risk assessment and mitigation status

You can be sure your connected medical devices are safe, accessible and
available at all times

How do we do it? It's simple. We enable coordination between departments to ensure everyone always has the correct data to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities

One OT device inventory is acting as the source of all your OT device information

Your OT device inventory is fully integrated with your discovery and security monitoring tools

Automated identification shows OT devices affected by any vulnerabilities or security events

You now have one orchestrated response workflow to resolve threats and vulnerabilities

The Real Impact of a Security Event in Healthcare by the Numbers

Approximately 2/3 of all security incidents occur in the healthcare industry. This can cost the organization a significant amount of money to mitigate and more importantly, affect patient care.

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How Parkland Health & Hospital System Optimized OT Security

Learn how Parkland is leveraging the integration between Medigate and Nuvolo OT Security to ensure their medical devices are fully protected from security threats.

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Feel confident in the
process you have in place

The average time to identify and contain a security breach is 329 days in the healthcare sector according to a recent report. If that breach results in disruptions to infusion pumps, MRI machines or hospital HVAC systems, then patient safety is put at risk.

Ensure you're using best in class security standards.

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